Is this now the coolest dining room in Liverpool

Last Thursday I was invited as a personal guest of the Distefano Family, owners of Liverpool’s 14-year-old San Carlo on Castle Street, to its champagne and truffled-risotto fuelled re-opening party.

Marcello Distefano was on hand to oversee proceedings. I’ve known him since he started in the family business in San Carlo, Manchester, as a 20-something lad following in his father’s footsteps, Carlo, the patriarch of the family. 

My friendship with Carlo goes back a further twenty-five years to his Birmingham restaurant. He is the architect behind arguably the most successful Italian restaurant group of quality in the UK.

Marcello, now the Group Managing Director, personally oversees all re-furbishments, purchases and re-openings. In San Carlo Liverpool he has not only produced a restaurant to keep up with the new kids on the block, but I can also confirm that this is now the coolest dining room in Liverpool; Hemingway would have been happy to write from here.

It helps when the Distefano’s have such professionals as Marco and Benny out front, two of the best managers in the business.

202030503 San Carlo Reopening
San Carlo reopening party

San Carlo Liverpool is for lovers, serious business lunches, family celebrations and date nights that will help to put the mojo back into all those relationships. 

202030503 San Carlo Reopening 2
San Carlo reopening party

Without eating the food, I can tell you that already the experience here is like walking into Mario and Franco’s original La Terrazza, London, the restaurant that fed and watered the swinging sixties.

I shall be returning in the next couple of weeks to dine and I shall review and report back as usual without fear, nor favour; so that you, dear reader will be the first to know if you will find Agent Provocateur underneath this superb mink coat.

Check out my gallery of the night below. 

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