Richard Miller embraces breakfast, lunch and dinner, all at the same time

The rise of the fancy food hall continues, and I’m all for it. You’ll find Liverpool’s latest, The GPO (once the General Post Office, now the “Global Provisions Outlet”) on the upper floor of the Metquarter.

Breakfast consists of the classic bacon and caffeine double act with the leftfield addition of some Indian street-food.

It’s a vast space filled with an array of independent stall-holders showcasing their worldly wares. Initial problems with the app from which you order appear to have been ironed out, with none of my food, to my knowledge, ending up in Sheffield or Stretford.

2022 05 14 Gpo From Inside 2
The GPO is on the top floor of the Metquarter Image: Confidentials
2022 05 14 Gpo Interior
There are 11 independent kitchens inside Image: Confidentials

Evidently it’s only idiots like me who are up and about at this time on a weekend, which means that most of the vendors are still elbow-deep in prep when I land, mid-morning, bleary of eye. 

It’s entirely my own fault for not doing my homework efficiently, and it means that breakfast today consists of the classic bacon and caffeine double act with the leftfield addition of some Indian street-food action. Because why not?

2022 05 14 Gpo Patty Bs
FRANNNNK!!!! Patty B's Burgers Image: Confidentials
2022 05 14 Gpo Bacon Sandwich
Pat's bacon sarnie Image: Confidentials

With a menu featuring beefy options such as The Ulti-Pat burger, or The Frank Butcher, Patty B’s are usually in the business of keeping the dude food movement alive and well. At this hour, however, the choice is condensed to a selection of breakfast sarnies at four quid each. 

I get jiggy with the piggy, where three rashers of streaky, salty bacon have been grilled enthusiastically until the dancing fat is golden and crisp. The accompanying chilli sauce is bracing. This is a good start. (£4) At least it was.

2022 05 14 Gpo Americano
Murky - coffee from In Bloom Coffee Co Image: Confidentials

I can’t make out if my steaming Americano from the In Bloom Coffee Co (£3) is one of those modern and interesting craft brews that people who know about this kind of stuff like to nod and pontificate over, or if it’s just not very nice. It’s as murky as the Mersey, with undertones of warm, flat Lilt. Perhaps to some this is a good thing.

2022 05 14 Gpo Chit N Chaat
Nice delivery from Chit n' Chaat Image: Confidentials

Far more invigorating is the delivery from Chit n’ Chaat. Watching the fella behind the counter methodically build my samosa chaat (£5.95) makes for a transfixing few moments. 

He bashes a warmed samosa, its pastry shell blistered and golden, and ladles on a chickpea masala that will go on to make my skin prickle with its slow-burning heat. 

Cooling yoghurt tempers the spice, while tangy tamarind, the pop of pomegranate and spiky coriander complete the food-in-HD experience. I am well into this.

2022 05 14 Gpo Samosa Chaat
Samosa chaat Image: Confidentials

Beside me, small plates are being readied for the conveyor belt at the Carousel Cheese Co, where wedges of, say, Killeen Gouda or Old Winchester could be yours with a glass of good wine. In theory I like the idea of poshing it up, but I’m not sure if this industrial, informal setting works for what is essentially swanky scran and luxury booze. (Plates £3 and up)

2022 05 14 Gpo Cheese Carousel
Carousel Cheese Co Image: Confidentials

Regretfully, I take issue with Jailbird Chicken and its promise of “criminally tasty” fried bird. My batch of wings (£6.50) may have been upgraded to Nashville Hot, but the only burn emanating from these comes from the over-cooked and bitter coating. They taste, bizarrely, of nothing, and the best part is dredging a tart pickle through the creamy ranch dressing.

2022 05 14 Gpo Jailbird
'Criminally tasty' Jailbird Chicken Image: Confidentials
2022 05 14 Gpo Wings
Wings are a flight of fancy Image: Confidentials

Better is a halloumi wrap  (£6.90) from Greek Mythos. Sure, the pitta and salad are supermarket standard, but the chunks of cheese have been knowingly grilled until tanned on the outside and creamy within. Discovering a fluttering of fries amidst the contents will always bag extra points.

2022 05 14 Gpo Halloumi Wrap 2
Halloumi wrap from Greek Mythos Image: Confidentials

A schooner of GPO lager, crisp and cold, cleanses the palate without fuss or fanfare as I embark on my gastronomic global walkabout on the top floor of a shopping centre. 

If I didn’t have a train to catch I could continue my odyssey with hotdogs, wontons and bao buns but, alas, the Transpennine Express waits for no man. Maybe next time.

2022 05 14 Gpo Bar
The GPO bar Image: Confidentials
2022 05 14 Gpo Lager
A lager to finish Image: Confidentials

And there would be a next time. The food sampled on today’s visit may best be described as hit and miss, but the GPO is somewhere that I would return to for its reasonably priced, egalitarian offering, especially if I was with a group of indecisive pals. 

Plus, anywhere that’s knocking out an A1 samosa chaat under 6 quid must be worth a visit. Just don’t get there too early.

Metquarter, 35 Whitechapel, Liverpool L1 6DA

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  • Food 7/10

    Bacon sarnie 8, Americano 6, Samosa chaat 8, Halloumi wrap 7, Chicken wings 5, GPO Pilsner 7.5

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