Exciting new food collab at Hope Street favourite

You can't go wrong the food menu at Frederiks, especially the pizzas, borne from their exciting food partnership with the incredible Pizzeria MIKI.

If you know your artisan pizza from your elbow, you might well have visited Pizzeria MIKI’s last pop-up at The Botanical Garden or you might order one of their spectacular 7” wonders so often you’re on first name terms with your Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat driver.

In that case we’ll say no more, but if not, you are in for a treat. Expect hand-stretched, stone-baked authentic Neapolitan pizzas with a range of toppings: from classics we all know and love but taken to a whole new level to some truly original dough-based delights.

2021 10 13 Frederiks X Pizza Miki 2

The pizza toppings lowdown

The love it or loathe it ham and pineapple has been finished with smoked pineapple pairing perfectly with its porky partner whilst the vegetable pizza really benefits from the contrast of the spiky fresh chillies with the charred sweetness of the roasted courgette and aubergine.

And if you want crispy onions on your Pizza? Go for the blue cheese pizza with a caramelised onion base, stilton, mozzarella and crispy onions. It’s a match made in heaven, texturally and taste-wise.

2021 10 13 Frederiks X Pizza Miki 3

Vegan cheese and gluten free bases are available on any pizza so Frederiks really are serving pizza for the people – all of them.

And if you’re feeling cheesed off with pizza (how? why?) don’t forget the new menu also includes a selection of small plates and MIKI’s fried chicken.

So grab a pizza the action (or otherwise) Tuesday - Saturday at Frederiks neighbourhood kitchen & bar.

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