Liverpool FC manager stars in beer ad filmed at Dovedale Towers

It’s not just Liverpool FC that’s having a winning season - Erdinger is now the number one imported wheat beer in the UK after signing up Jürgen Klopp as brand ambassador. The news comes as Erdinger Weissbräu launches its second phase of its “never skim an Erdinger” campaign with the LFC manager.

Jürgen Klopp personifies the pursuit of excellence that we strive for in every Erdinger Weissbräu beer.

Klopp was announced in March 2020 as the ambassador for Erdinger Weissbräu, Germany’s largest privately owned wheat beer brewery. The new promo sees Jürgen revisiting The Dovedale Towers pub in Liverpool to enjoy a glass of Erdinger but this time it is the bartender who stresses how important it is not to forget the yeast – the “best bit”.  

Jurgen Klopp Erdinger Weissbrau Ambassador 2020
Prost! The original Erdinger commercial Image: PR
Dovedale Towers Penny Lane Pub Liverpool Jurgen Klopp
The promo was filmed at The Dovedale Towers on Penny Lane Image: Dovedale Towers / Facebook

Wolfgang Kuffner, Erdinger Weissbräu marketing director, said, “Jürgen Klopp personifies the pursuit of excellence that we strive for in every Erdinger Weissbräu beer. By coaching the bartender to ‘never skim an Erdinger’ in our first campaign together, he helped people understand that wheat beer needs a big foamy head to help retain its freshness and soften it in the mouth to give a smooth taste.

“Erdinger beers are brewed with only natural ingredients in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law and using the ‘Bayerische Edelreifung‘, or double maturity, method. With this process, we add our unique brewing yeast to the beer after fermentation and allow it to mature a second time in the bottle or keg, for up to three weeks.

Jürgen Klopp Lfc Manager Erdinger Ad 2022
'The best bit' - Jürgen Klopp in the new ad Image: PR

Kuffner explained, “This gives extra time for the flavour of the beer to develop and the aromas to fully unfold – this is the 'Best Bit'. Having spent time to get the quality right, this yeast belongs in the glass so, rather than leaving it in the bottom of the bottle, a swirl and final pour will make sure the Best Bit rounds off the taste perfectly and gives the beer its attractive, natural cloudiness.”

“By harnessing Jürgen’s enthusiasm for quality and passion for life, which mirrors our own attitude, the advice given in this campaign will help drinkers get the most enjoyment possible from drinking their Erdinger Weissbier and make sure they can appreciate the Best Bit”.

In 2019, The Dovedale Towers was the filming location for a Mobil Super advert featuring Mo Salah. The pub on Penny Lane, affectionately known as "The Dovey", combines old school style with a quality gastropub menu, live music events, and of course, sporting action on the big screen. 

Watch Klopp's new Erdinger Weissbier advert on YouTube.

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