Aperitivo at San Carlo, the classiest happy hour in Liverpool

It’s been described as the classiest happy hour in the land and now it has landed in Liverpool.

Aperitivo is an Italian ritual going back hundreds of years - a cocktail and some light bites to start the evening. 

The word comes from the Latin to ‘open’ as in to stimulate the appetite, so you can fully enjoy your dinner to come. And in Liverpool there really is only one place for it: San Carlo.

Aperitivo is here to stay, every week from Sunday to Thursday 4pm-7pm. 

Let’s talk first about the seven beautiful cocktails, at just £5 each. 

Created for the occasion by head barman Kristof, they use light, easy ingredients like vermouth, Campari and Prosecco. 

Castle Street Rose might look pretty in pink but this is no sugar babe. Instead Liverpool Gin is mixed with raspberry, rose and lemon juice. It is cool elegance in a glass.

Or why not try the super refreshing Hugo, made with elderflower, Prosecco and fresh mint leaves? 

It wouldn’t be aperitivo without an Aperol Spritz or, indeed, a Negroni Ambra, which combines Campari and Montenegro and a Peroni Ambra. 

Then there is the fruity, tangy and delicious Jam Session; which takes apricot and lemon-infused Bombay Sapphire and Campari bitters. 

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Meanwhile don’t forget where you first read that Cinzano vermouth was on the way back. Mixed here with tonic over ice, it is a delicious alternative to a G&T.

For fans of a Bloody Mary, check out the Spicy Mary, enlivened with a chilli kick.

If cocktails - even these cocktails - are not your thing then you can still enjoy aperitivo with a glass of red or white house wine, Prosecco or Peroni. Each comes two for the price of one. 

All the aperitivo drinks come with complimentary nibbles - but not enough to dull your appetite for the evening’s adventures to come.

After a day at work or shopping,aperitivo is the perfect way to unwind in style with a friend or two in San Carlo’s beautiful, bright and sophisticated surroundings. Pull up a chair, relax and raise a salute!

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