From Sunday roast to scouse, Mediterranean to meatless, this lot have it covered…

Hello! Is anybody out there? Broadcasting to you from what - fingers, toes and eyes all crossed - seems to be a turning point in the world of food and drink post-COVID lockdown. It’s been a slog. It’s a been a long, hard few months and we don’t want to speak too soon but it doesn’t half give us the warm and fuzzies to see the city starting to fire up its engines once again. How great it feels to wander the streets of Liverpool (at an acceptable social distance of course) and see people filling tables, venturing into bars and grabbing food to go again, just like the good old days. 

If you’re done with rolling your own dough for the time being, get back on the wagon with a slice of fresh, bubble-crusted heaven

We’re not yet at a point though where we can slap our knees, let out a hysterical chortle and write 2020 off as a laugh-or-you-might-cry moment in history. We’re all still treading with extreme caution to keep our city safe for when it’s ready to fire on all cylinders and this is where takeout is swooping in to save the day. 

Liverpool has always had an enviable offering when it comes to takeaway but since this coronavirus came along to piss on the parade, even more of the city’s bars and restaurants are evolving to introduce alternative ‘dine out’ experiences. We thought you might like to hear about some of them...

2020 07 31 Lunya Liverpool


This Catalan deli, bar and restaurant is an irresistible pitstop perfectly placed to tempt you at the point where Hanover Street meets Liverpool ONE. Its Mediterranean colour palette, edible Aladdin’s Cave of a deli and award-winning ‘Spanglish’ menu is just not something you can walk past without putting some serious willpower into action. To enjoy the Lunya experience from the comfort of your own humble abode, all you need to do is head to the website, click the ‘take away’ tab top and centre, then place your order and pick a time slot ready for collection or delivery.

Lunya, 55 Hanover Street, L1 3DN

2020 08 06 Ma Boyles

Ma Boyle’s

A hidden gem just off the beaten track, on the edge of Liverpool’s business district, this traditional English pub surely needs no introduction. Famed for its homage to Scouse - as in the regional dish and the synonymous form of northern hospitality - we’re sure the locals and visitors alike have been missing this one over the past few months. We most certainly have. So, if you fancy giving your ma or your nan the night off from slaving over a big old pot of scouse, give Ma Boyle’s a bell or find her on Deliveroo and UberEats. The takeout offering is a limited version of the standard Ma Boyle’s menu but still features old favourites including the famous classic and blind scouse recipes, as well as homemade burgers and filled sandwiches.

Ma Boyle’s, Tower Building, 7 Tower Gardens, L3 1LG

2020 07 31 Maluco

Maluco Pizzeria

Oh, how we’ve missed our Friday nights grabbing a slice of pizza as big as our heads and washing it down with a craft brew or three at this Castle Street pizzeria. Like many establishments in the vicinity, Maluco has joined the ‘Liverpool Without Walls’ initiative by expanding out into a brand new outdoor terrace area but that’s not all. Maluco has also launched ‘Maluco at Home’ - a new deli and ‘grab & go’ area offering a range of takeaway treats, including cook-at-home Maluco pizza. The deli area also including fares from local, independent vendors such as baked goods from Liz Beth Bakes, fresh pies from The Fat Pig Farm, and a host of vegan bits ’n’ bobs courtesy of Indigo Greens. This one’s quite the example of innovation. Nice work guys.

Maluco Pizzeria, 2 Castle Street, L2 0NA

2020 07 31 East River

East River

Heading to East River’s gorgeous gaff along Allerton road and pulling up a pew at one of the baby pink velvet booths was never a chore but we can now take solace in knowing East River is open for takeout. These guys have just recently joined Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat so that you can get your fix, as well as bottling their entire cocktail list for you to shake or stir in your own kitchen. Apps giving you gyp? You can also pre-order by phone, slide into the DMs on Instagram or rock up and place your order in person. We recommend the smoked salmon nori bowl if you’re battling ‘lockdown belly’ or the Dirty French bagel with roast beef, red onion marmalade, burger cheese and dipping gravy if, quite frankly, you couldn’t give two hoots. 

East River, 103 Allerton Road, L18 2DD

2020 06 22 Rudys Packaged

Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza

When we were at the Tiger King and banana bread stage of lockdown, home bakes and experimenting in the kitchen was all fun and games. Now, it’s just a whole load of pots and pans you really can’t be bothered cleaning. If you’re done with rolling your own dough for the time being, get back on the wagon with a slice of fresh, bubble-crusted heaven from Rudy’s. With both the online store and app all set up and ready to go, it would be Rudy (sorry) not to chomp at the chance of some authentic Neapolitan pizza to accompany your next Netflix binge. Simply use the app to place your order then head on down to the restaurant on Castle Street to collect up your goods or, alternatively, bag yourself a bake-at-home pizza from the online shop. 

Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza, 3-7 Castle Street, L2 4SW

2020 07 31 Delifonseca

Delifonseca Dockside

There’s no denying that the Delifonseca food hall and restaurant are legendary on the Liverpool food and drink scene and, to be quite honest with you, we’re not sure how we’ve coped without it for so long. Well, sound the alarm because Delifonseca is now ready and raring to accept your takeout requests. Place your order in person at the food hall on Monday-Friday 9.30am-2.30pm, Friday and Saturday from 12-6pm, or Sunday from 12-5pm. Takeaway menu is limited but fear not, you won’t be missing out on the moussaka, Delifonseca fish & chips or their famous Sunday roast - all of which are available to order for takeout.

Delifonseca Dockside, Brunswick Way, L3 4BN

2020 02 11 Liverpool Meatless Mains


Fresh on the scene and launched less than a year ago, Meatless is a technicolour vegan cafe offering meat-free burgers, bowls, burritos, desserts, ‘Meatless Munchies’ and shakes. To sample some of Meatless’s plant-based fares from the comfort of your own dining table (or in the car on the way home - we ain’t here to judge) simply pre-order over the phone or place your order in person. Collection is advised as delivery is available but limited. We recommend the chickpea wrap with a side of paprika-salted fries and a vegan Biscoff shake. 

Meatless, 312 Smithdown Road, L15 5AF

2020 07 31 Glass Onion

Glass Onion

Another little establishment just outside the city centre with a focus on vegan and vegetarian dishes now offering takeout is none other than Glass Onion. Everything here is low waste, sustainable and sans meat so you can tuck into your afternoon tea and full English fry up with an über clear conscience. Glass Onion is now available for takeout orders via Deliveroo, pre-orders over the phone or social media, or in person at the restaurant. If you’re familiar with this place, you’ll likely be no stranger to their treat boxes, tray bakes and cakes so you can satisfy that sweet tooth whilst you’re at it too by pre-ordering for collection.

Glass Onion, 13 Allerton Road, L18 1LG

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