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With chefs cooking at your table on an open grill, expect fire…and catching potatoes with your mouth

There’s nowhere like Sapporo Teppanyaki in Manchester - it really is unique. After all, how many other places can you enjoy watching chefs whip up a feast at your table, complete with fire for added effect? Or try to catch potato chips in your mouth, as the chef expertly flicks them round the group?

Needless to say, there’s lots of humour involved - and watching as the cooking oil catches flame is pretty breathtaking. If you’re in a group, and want an alternative night out, Saporro Teppanyaki is a no brainer.

Confidential visited one lunchtime to try the Geisha set menu, one of several set options ranging from £21 to £40, and weren’t disappointed.

After a fresh namasu salad (a Japanese dish featuring thinly-sliced pickled veg and seafood), followed by a steaming miso soup, it was time for duck rolls and chicken gyoza: little parcels of joy, best dipped in the accompanying sauce.

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That’s when the cooking really accelerated, as the chef heaped fresh scallops on the grill - cue some impressive sizzling - and sliced potatoes. Amidst a lot of laughter, he proceeded to flick these around the group, leading to the general discovery that Confidentials are pretty crap when it comes to catching potato chips in one’s gob.

Seasoned with ginger and garlic, the scallops worked a treat - as did the rolled chicken fillets that followed. Vegetarians, by the way, are well catered for with alternatives like grilled tofu skewers and crispy veg tempura.

Unfortunately, office duties meant we had to hurry back before dessert (chocolate spring rolls or homemade ice cream) but we’ll be back again. Sapporo was the most weekday fun we’ve had in a long time. 

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