Just in case Liverpool hadn’t had enough of the Fabs

Late night bar and pizza parlour Crazy Pedro’s is known for dreaming up wacky stunts in a bid to keep its brand at the forefront of a packed market. 

Now it has come up with a great wheeze for the people of Liverpool. Just in case we hadn’t had enough of being force fed Beatles novelty, the Manchester-born venue is attempting to bring together the largest gathering of Beatles impersonators in the world.    

Apparently lucky Mexico City holds the Guinness Record but Crazy Pedro’s seems determined to seize the dubious accolade for the group’s birthplace. 

“More determined than ever to bring glory back to The Beatles hometown, Crazy Pedro’s need to rally 295 people together to break the record on the 29th July, 12pm at Crazy Pedro’s 25 Parr Street Liverpool L1 4JN," it says here. 

161107 Crazy Pedros Northern Quarter 6
The world record attempt takes place at Crazy Pedro's at 12pm on the 29th July

Those keen to “unleash your inner John, Paul, George or Ringo” (and who isn’t?) will be required to dress up as one of the Fab Four and come together (hey hey!) with the focus on the Beatles track Hey JudeTo achieve the Guinness World Records title, 295 people need to sing it from start to finish at the same time, in the same place.  

Don’t all rush at once, but those interested in participating are instructed to splash out their hard earned on one of four distinct Beatles looks:

- The 60s Look - traditional dark collarless suit

- The Psychedelic Look - colourful clothes with flamboyant designs and head bandanas

- The Triple Denim Look

- The Sergeant Pepper Look - colourful military costume jackets used by the group in the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Participants are also encouraged to dress in as much Beatles paraphernalia as possible, “such as the famous round glasses, wigs, fake beards, phoney moustaches”.

161107 Crazy Pedros Northern Quarter 12 Lyndon Higginson Jobe Ferguson Ross Mackenzie
Crazy Pedro's Lyndon Higginson (left) says "we need everyone to rally together to smash this"

Lyndon Higginson, director at the Liars Club Group said: “It’s a no brainer to say that we have to bring this world record back to Liverpool. I mean it’s the birthplace of The Beatles so makes perfect sense to me that Liverpool should hold the largest gathering of Beatles impersonators title. 

"Get yourself down dressed to the nines in as much Beatles clobber as you can, we need everyone to rally together to smash this.”


To take part in this challenge you must register your interest on thebeatles@crazypedros.co.uk before the event date - the more the merrier.

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