The quirky signs have had a makeover for the first time in 30 years

Ever noticed those decorative archways in the Cavern Quarter? They stretch over the entrances to Mathew Street, Button Street and Harrington Street. They were installed back in the early 1990s and have been restored for the first time this month. 

They are such a part of the vibrancy of the Cavern Quarter we wanted to give them a lift.

The five archways were installed 30 years ago to celebrate the home of the legendary Cavern Club and the home of The Beatles. Liverpool BID Company acquired ownership of the archways in March 2022 from the Cavern Quarter initiative and felt they needed a little love. 

© Liverpool Bid Company Bill Iveson Cavern Quarter Initiative
The Cavern Quarter Image: Bill Iveson

The wrought iron archways, with the colourful street signs are a significant part of the character of the Cavern Quarter, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. 

Cavern Quarter Liverpool Bid Mathew St 2
Cavern Quarter Liverpool Bid Harrington St
Cavern Quarter Liverpool Bid Arch Restoration11
Cavern Quarter Liverpool Bid Arch Restoration3

Shaun Holland is Director of Operations at Liverpool BID Company, and explains the restoration process. 

“The archways had not been retouched since their installation in the early 90s and they are such a part of the vibrancy of the Cavern Quarter we wanted to give them a lift. The archways had to be stripped back and repainted black. The original colourful central disc design had to be reinstated and cleaned. We then enhanced them with multi-coloured LED lighting”. 

Cavern Quarter Liverpool Bid Arch Restoration1
Bid Cavern Arch Unvieiling 16 11 Alistair Fletcher Jake Barnes Paul Barnes Leanne Mc Anespie Andy Farrell Gary Adams Ryan Cox Andy Wash
The big reveal - Alistair Fletcher, Jake Barnes, Paul Barnes, Leanne McAnespie, Andy Farrell, Gary Adams, Ryan Cox, Andy Wash

The restoration of the archways is part of Liverpool BID’s ongoing Cavern Quarter investment, which has seen the installation of the Brian Epstein statue on Whitechapel and a new mural on Harrington Street, created and unveiled by street artist Smug.

Bid Cavern Arch Unveiling Mathew Street
Bid Cavern Arch Unveiling Harrington Street 2

The Cavern Quarter is part of the Retail & Leisure BID Area. In 2020, a masterplan for Cavern Quarter and Williamson Square was approved and published, with a Spatial Regeneration Framework (SRF) focused on improving the area and celebrating its heritage, particularly through artist-led intervention and animating blank spaces. 

Bill Addy, CEO of Liverpool BID Company, said, “The Cavern Quarter is such an important part of our city’s history and culture. As part of our investment in the city centre we want to animate our public realm but also ensure it is restored and kept in good shape.”

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