A “son of the Meadowlands” is likely to become the new battleground for green campaigners in Liverpool.

This time the target for Redrow Homes,  headed by Liverpool multi-millionaire Steve Morgan, moves from Sefton Park to Calderstones Park.

A report to be rubber stamped by the council cabinet this Friday will see the first 600 homes approved under the Liverpool Housing Partnership.

The partners in the scheme are Redrow, Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) and property contractor Wilmott Dixon. 

And while most of the schemes for 360 affordable rent properties, 50 for private rent and 241 executive homes are not controversial, the raid on the Harthill site at Calderstones is likely to face challenges from local residents and campaigners.

The list does not include Redrow’s controversial plan to build on Sefton Park Meadows, which has even seen protest from Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall, a site described by the city council as "incidental space in Park Avenue," Liverpool 18.

Similarly the council has divorced the Harthill site from Calderstones Park where Redrow is aiming to build a significant estate of executive homes. As yet there is no indication of how many homes will be built once the three current occupiers – Beechley Stables, Calder Kids and the 60-year-old children's railway – are relocated off the land.

Revealed: Calderstones railway faces axe in luxury housing plan

The report to the cabinet states:  “There is an opportunity to assemble a significant development opportunity involving a number of assets along Harthill Road to deliver executive-type housing.

“This includes a number of properties which are let to third parties. The council is currently working with them, to relocate them to better quality premises, to best meet their needs.

“A draft masterplan will be produced and the local community invited to comment on this, before the final vision is set. Land receipts generated will be reinvested to pay for the moves of the organisations. A subsequent report will be presented to Cabinet on the masterplan and outcome of the consultation.”

The report elsewhere states that the proposed completion date of the yet-to-be-agreed Harthill scheme is March 2020. 

A statement issued by the council says the17 schemes will draw in investment worth £97 million, with 25 hectares of brownfield land which has previously been used for development is being assembled for the programme, which will see 580 new homes built and 71 houses refurbished.

Of the 17 schemes, two are on site, eight are in planning, one is subject to master planning and six are at the feasibility stage.

It is part of a five year scheme which will see a total of 1,500 new homes constructed and a further 1,000 brought back into use. 

Councillor Frank Hont, Cabinet member for housing said: “The advantage to the partnership is that we are working closely together in a joined up way to make sure we are building the right houses in the right place at the right time to meet demand, as well as bringing empty properties back into use. Where possible, and in the vast majority of cases, we are using land that was previously developed.”

Faye Whiteoak, development director for Redrow Homes, said: “We’re proud to be part of this unique partnership to deliver much needed, high quality new housing for the city.

“We will be providing a wide range of properties, from starter homes to executive detached family houses, designed to extend the city’s offering. As well as meeting housing demand, the developments will also stimulate the local economy and provide hundreds of jobs on site, in the supply chain and indirectly within other local business.”

The 17 schemes: Who is building what, when and who can live there


1. Leighton Dene, Norris Green (affordable rent, 40 homes) Partner: LMH (Jan 2017)
2. Holly Lodge, West Derby (owner occupied, market sale, 60 homes) Partner: Redrow (July 2019)
3. Redbridge and Bankview, Fazakerley (owner occupied, market sale, 60 homes) Partner: Redrow (July 2019)
4. Tetlow Street, Kirkdale (affordable rent, 16 homes) Partner: LMH  (Nov 2016)
5. Former Larkhill Library, Clubmoor (affordable rent, 8 homes) Partner: LMH (Oct 2016)
6. Former Central Tin Factory, Everton (affordable rent, 45 homes) Partner LMH (Sept 2017)
7. Everton Road, Everton (affordable rent, 10 homes) Partner: LMH (Dec 2016)
8. Eldon Grove, Kirkdale (affordable rent) Partner: LMH.This is a Grade II listed building and an asset on the Council’s ‘Buildings at Risk’, register. (Dec 2018)
9. Acrefield Road, Woolton  (owner occupied, 12 homes) Partner: Redrow/LMH (July 2018)
10. Watergate School, Allerton  (owner occupied, market sale, 21 homes) Partner: Redrow (May 2017)
11. Banks Road, Garston  (owner occupied, market sale and affordable rent, 100 homes) Partner: Redrow/LMH  (Sept 2019)
12. Lower Lee, Woolton  (owner occupied, market sale, 19 homes) Partner: Redrow (June 2017)
13. Palmerston, Woolton  (owner occupied, market sale, 26 homes) Partner: Redrow (Sept 2018)
14. Edge Lane, Kensington/Fairfield  (owner occupied, market sale, market rent and affordable rent, 100 homes) Partner: LMH (Dec 2019)
15. Marwood Towers, Everton  (57 refurbished affordable apartments and 24 new houses) Partner: LMH (Aug 2016)
16. Normanton Avenue, Woolton (de-convert multi-occupied units to provide 8 self-contained apartments) Partner: LMH  (Dec 2017)
17. Land off Harthill Road, Allerton (number yet to be decided) Partner: Redrow (to be confirmed)