Punters will be able to enjoy a pint of raisin beer at Cains Brewery Village

LIVERPOOL'S Baltic Quarter is known as one of the coolest places in the country and it’s about to get even cooler as the Cains complex brings back the city’s most famous beer.

The beer they call ‘Liverpool in a pint’ has been missed by many.

Mikhail Hotels & Leisure Group - the company behind Punch Tarmey’s, Doctor Duncan’s and The Brewery Tap - are opening a new venue within the walls where Robert Cain first brewed the famous ale back in the mid 19th century.

Cains Beer Liverpool Robert Cain Brewery Village
Raisin the bar with a fruity beer Image: PR

The new venue - calling itself Cains Brewery -  will be spread across three floors. The owners say it will offer the perfect synergy between the past and present of Cains being based within the original and oldest building within Cains Brewery where brewing originally started over 160 years ago. 

Robert Cain, the founder of Cains Brewery and builder of the current historic building, rose from being an entrepreneurial 24-year-old brewing his own ale in one pub to a rich and influential businessman with the title of Lord Brocket and an estate of 200 pubs. He bought the brewery and established Cains in 1858.

Cains Brewery Old Photo
The brewery has a long history Image: Cains
Cains Brewery Vats Removed In 2014
Huge brewing vats being removed from the Cains site in 2014 Image: Confidentials

Cain died in 1907 and in 1921 the company he had established merged with Walkers of Warrington. The new Walker Cains business only lasted two years before the Stanhope Street site and the right to brew Cains ales was sold to Higsons, which kept the Cains brand alive and associated with Liverpool for much of the century. 

The Dusanj brothers bought Cains in 2002 and after the brewery went bust, came up with the plan to develop a “Brewery Village” development on the site.

Andrew Mikhail, director of The Mikhail Group, said, “Cains beer is synonymous with Liverpool, I love the Cains brand. The beer they call ‘Liverpool in a pint’ has been missed by many since it disappeared from bars almost 10 years ago. 

"I feel incredibly proud to be bringing this iconic brew back to life and I’m sure that there are many Real Ale fans looking forward to enjoying that first pint of Cains."

Cains Brewery Beer Village Baltic Quarter Liverpool Va2
Cains Brewery Village is a focal point of the Baltic Image: Confidentials

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Mr Mikhail continued, "Cains is a resilient brand just like Liverpool and we're really excited to be bringing Cains Brewery back to life, albeit with a new direction that will bring national attention to Liverpool for all the right reasons.”

When asked whether the famous Cains raisin beer would also be making a comeback, head brewer Andrew Hayes said, “The raisin beer was one of the best-loved beers Cains ever produced - and will be one of the first beers to come out of the Brewery when it returns this year. We are excited to bring the original recipe back to life for all to enjoy.

Cains Brewery Beer Village Baltic Quarter Liverpool Va1
Something's brewing in the village... Image: Confidentials

“Watching the tanks being delivered this week makes it all so real. I, like so many others, can’t wait for the first taste of this famous Liverpool brew. The city has been missing a signature beer since the closure of Cains and I’m very excited to bring it back.”

Cains will also be sold at the company’s other venues throughout the North West. Brewery tours will start up again once the venue opens its doors.

Cains Brewery and Bar will officially open to the public on Thursday 2 June from 6pm. The famous Cains beer should then be ready to enjoy around four weeks after opening. 

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