What to expect from the bohemian tavern, which replaces The Hub Alehouse on Hanover St.

The name (pronounced ‘Shen-keh’) continues the group’s affinity with the life and times of Prince Albert who earned Anglo-Bavarian citizenship after marrying his own cousin, Queen Victoria of England. While Manchester’s version, Albert’s Schloss translates as Albert’s ‘palace or country retreat, Albert’s Schenke can be interpreted more as Albert’s pub or tavern - the kind of place his royal highness might have gone to party.

Liverpool and Manchester are ‘just two incredible cities’ and it ‘shouldn’t be about one or the other

This little nugget of contextual info doesn’t come from an extensive knowledge of foreign language or anything. It comes following a chat with Andy Windsor, Marketing Director of Mission Mars – the group behind the likes of Rudy’s Pizza, Liberty Tavern, The Elephant and of course, Albert’s Schenke’s older brother, Albert’s Schloss. 

2019 05 17 Alberts Schenke
Prince Albert has inspired the bier halls in Manchester and Liverpool

When I asked Andy how the two sibling venues were going to have their own individual identities, it seems that it’s largely going to come down to the vibe, size and a more expansive beer offering here in Liverpool. Albert’s Schenke is going to be smaller in square footage than the Manchester site, more intimate and invite more rustic and rugged revelry, which is perfectly reflected in the translation of the names.

So, why are they opening in Liverpool? Andy told me how the Mission Mars board is a mish-mash of northern regions made up of members who hail from Manchester, Liverpool, the Wirral and the surrounding areas. I probed around on the topic of rival cities to which Andy responded that Liverpool and Manchester are ‘just two incredible cities’ and it ‘shouldn’t be about one or the other’. Fair point.

2019 07 20 Alberts Schenke Beer
Expect an extensive range of beers and pilsners
2019 07 20 Alberts Schenke Cocktails
There'll be a menu of bohemian cocktails

Albert’s Schenke will take up residence at the gorgeous Grade-II listed Casartelli Building on the curve of Hanover Street – formerly recognised as The Hub Alehouse and Kitchen. We talked about how the group ‘seeks out the best locations and the most interesting buildings’ and it’s safe to say they struck gold with this one after The Hub went into administration earlier this year. Mission Mars used £750,000 out of a £10 million funding pot to bag the building and are now in the final stages of transforming it into an authentic European tavern aiming to take diners and drinkers on an edible tour of The Alps.

Expect an extensive range of beers and pilsners, from heralded brews to those from local breweries and independent brands. Andy was keen to express how the beers served from the twenty taps, or from the walk-in cellar behind the bar are there on merit. Staff will be closely listening to what the locals want and if a Liverpool brew pips an acclaimed international beer to the post, then even better.

For those who don’t love beer, there’ll still be plenty to spoil you like kids having a trolly grab in a candy shop. We’re talking artisan Schnapps handmade on site with flavours including salted caramel and pineapple; wines hunted from European vineyards and a menu of bohemian cocktails, alongside a repertoire of ‘the best gin and tonics you could imagine’. His words, we’re looking forward to testing that out.

2019 07 20 Alberts Schenke Pretzel
Proper pretzels
2019 07 20 Alberts Schenke Burger
The raclette burger with 28-day dry-aged Cheshire beef

On the food front, prepare your stomachs for a feast of pure, unadulterated, rustic indulgence which is ‘exciting but accessible’ according to Andy. Flavours span France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy to create modern takes on Alpine classics. Take for example ‘Alpine Sformato’, which Andy described as ‘a cauldron of truffled mashed potato and melting nuggets of Alpine cheese,’ or the raclette burger with 28-day dry-aged Cheshire beef. 

I asked Andy which he thought might transpire to be the Albert’s Schenke’s sell out dish and it seems his money is either on the Sformato or the Black Forest Ham, egg and chips which gives a classic British dish something quite spectacular. So, all that’s left to do now is watch this space… Prince Albert has left a longer legacy than being known as somebody who married his cousin and had a genital piercing named after him…. 

Alberts Schenke, Casartelli Building, 16 Hanover Street, L1 4AA

Albert’s Schenke will be launching with an invite-only Bier Festival Weekend from 26th-27th July but bookings can be taken from 28th July. 

Opening hours will be 8am-midnight, every day.

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