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Sushi, splendour and strawberry daiquiris

Pan Asian food with a New York attitude is the vision here at Dash. Situated on Victoria Street, some of you might better know this location as the Living Room – which was, for a moment in time, the place to be if you wanted to be seen in Liverpool. 

The Living Room closed its doors in 2014, but step inside Dash and the same grandeur still lingers today. 

Inside Dash you can marvel at the marble pillars, crystal chandeliers, plush velvet seats and a colour scheme that just screams high society. 

In such a grand setting, the cocktails need to live up to their surroundings and at Dash, they certainly do. There’s a new Autumn/Winter cocktail menu which was inspired by drink consultant Tom’s experiences living in New York. Each aptly-named drink pays homage to life in downtown Manhattan, the place where he learnt his craft.

The Flower Market Sour, inspired by New York’s bustling flower market, has subtle hints of lychee and deep tones of Darjeeling tea which lingered after each sip.

Drinks In Central Park is quite the theatrical experience. This sharing cocktail is presented in a steaming teapot, the contents of which are poured into a golden cup filled with petals and fresh mint. It may seem to steam, but appearances can be deceptive. This is actually an ice-cold concoction of vodka, Chambord, basil and cranberry. A pumped-up vodka and cranberry with that New York edge, if you will.

Don’t miss the Downtown Daiquiris because what’s an evening of cocktails without a strawberry daiquiri or two?

A good strawberry daiquiri is a hard drink to beat. That said, when you’re ordering a daiquiri you must do so with trepidation: you’ll be let down in a lot of places. Not here though, this daiquiri is next level: five types of strawberry go into one serving: fresh strawberries, a puree, a reduction, a syrup – there’s even a dollop of strawberry jam popped in for good measure. Sounds odd but it works. It’s not overly sweet either, thanks to the sharpness of a very generous measure of Bacardi Carta Blanca.

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The food menu is extensive too, with small plates including bao buns and exquisitely-presented sushi as well as a host of larger Asian-inspired meals that include an oriental take on the classic steak and chips. There are also roast dinners on Sundays, accompanied by live music.

If you’re seeking some splendour with a side order of sushi, you’ll have a hard time beating Dash. And its daiquiris.

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