Harley Young speaks with Liverpool Gin Distillery about their new partnership with National Museums Liverpool

“It’s a really good partnership in our eyes. It benefits both of us,” said Rebecca Haycox, General Manager of Liverpool Gin Distillery whilst explaining the brand new partnership the hospitality business has secured with National Museums Liverpool.

2023 09 19 Liverpool Gin Distillery Becky
Rebecca Haycox, General Manager of Liverpool Gin Distillery Image: Confidentials

“At all of their VIP events, we’ll be supporting them with gin,” she said, explaining that everyone who attends will get a gin and tonic on arrival. Liverpool Gin Distillery are also invited down to the events to meet with the attendees and showcase their products. 

“We’ve done two this week; the John Moores Painting Prize which was really interesting, and then we did a gin tasting in the sculpture room at the art gallery for the Chamber of Commerce.”

2023 09 19 Liverpool Gin Distillery Bar
Liverpool Gin Distillery has a wide range of gins they've distilled themselves, plus favourites from other brands Image: Confidentials

Since December 2018, Liverpool Gin Distillery has been distilling their own signature spirits. The venue they call home on Castle Street is split over four levels. On the ground floor you’ll see Margaret, the main still (named after the owner’s mum) and the gin and cocktail bar that’s open seven days a week. 

Downstairs is the Dark Spirits Bar, open on Fridays and Saturdays and available for private hire throughout the week. Specialising in rum and whisky, with over 100 whiskeys and 60 rums to choose from, this space can accommodate up to 60 people.

“Some of our dark spirits are quite specialist. One of our whiskeys is £995 a shot,” said Rebecca.

The whisky in question is a bottle of Karuizawa 1981 Noh Single Cask 35-Year-Old. It’s a Japanese whisky that’s now discontinued.

2023 09 19 Liverpool Gin Distillery Whisky
A shot of this will cost you a pretty penny Image: Confidentials

“The casks the spirit was aged in don't exist anymore. The distillery doesn't exist anymore. I think we've got the only bottle in the UK that's in open circulation - all the others are in private collections. If you want to taste it anywhere else you’d have to go to a bar in New York. Not many places have it open,” Rebecca adds.

Then on the upper floors there’s the gin labs where guests are invited to come make their own gin. The sessions cost £70 and last for two hours. The team at Liverpool Gin Distillery teach visitors how to create their own gin and make their own bottle with the botanicals they choose to suit their taste.

“You then label it, call it whatever you like, and take it home with you. We keep the recipe on file so you can call us up and reorder your gin,” said Rebecca, adding “A lot of people do it as an engagement present. We can also produce the gin in miniature form as favours for their wedding.” 

If you’re not taking part in the gin school but want to take a little memento home with you, or start your Christmas shopping early, you can also add personalised labels to any bottle of gin bought at the venue, free of charge.

2023 09 19 Liverpool Gin Distillery Gins
Some of the signature gins distilled in-house Image: Confidentials

Speaking on the partnership, Rebecca said in a statement shared on National Museums Liverpool: “We’re really pleased to announce our new partnership with National Museums Liverpool. With shared values and close proximity to our venues, it feels like a perfect partnership. We’re very much looking forward to working alongside the teams on a very exciting schedule of upcoming events.”

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Liverpool Gin Distillery, 52-54 Castle St, Liverpool L2 7LQ

2023 09 19 Liverpool Gin Distillery
Find Liverpool Gin Distillery in the heart of the city on Castle Street Image: Confidentials

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