Fried chicken fiends are opening on Merrion Street later this year

It’s been a while since Bird & Beast shut, and while Absurd Bird is churning out the chicken, there’s definitely room for more competition in the market – especially if it stops people from going to Nando’s.

So, it’s no poultry matter to say that Yard & Coop is bringing its buttermilk fried chicken game to Merrion Street this February, adding to its successful Manchester and Liverpool ventures.

And with tales of incredible sides, craft beer and a brilliant cocktail menu, there’s more than enough to get us egg-cited about the new opening, which will take over from Miah’s Kitchen on Merrion Street, with its hen-trance just across the road from Zaap.

Yard Coop 3
Yard & Coop has proved a hit in Manchester and Liverpool

Yard & Coop will also go straight on to Deliveroo, offering several menus, including Build your Feast, where you can choose your meat, sauce and accompaniment, as well as some delicious homemade chicken gravy. Or perhaps if you’re really peckish, you’ll be in the mood for one of their legendary mega-burgers, which is rumoured to be nearly a foot high!

Yolking aside, Yard & Coop will be serving up their sizeable portions along with a side of ethics. All the chicken comes from one Shropshire farm and is on your plate within 48 hours, following brining and marinating for extra tender, extra flavoursome meat.

Yard Coop Chicken And Chips
Fried chicken is their thing.

Add to that a list of beer that includes several draft numbers and a whole host of your craft favourites in bottles and cans, as well as a gin menu and a range of homemade cock-tails, then you’ve got a proper night out all sorted for you. And if you’re the designated driver, you might want to check out their range of luxury shakes.

We’ll have more details on the official opening as we get them, but for now we’d like to hear your best chicken puns. You could say we’re egging you on…