TWENTY-FOUR-year-old Leeds boy Dino turned up on Channel 4's First Dates last night, and Twitter was smitten.

The smiley dreamboat - who moved to Leeds as a refugee in 1992 - got matched up with 21-year-old Ruby, from Wales. 

While nobody could quite work out why Dino was single, Ruby offered some ideas about her own dating misfortune - "I've met most of my ex-bfs the same way which is through my job - I worked in a supermarket and they chatted me up. I've had to make up a boyfriend several times - including when I got chatted up by a sixty-year-old man...wearing a dress"

The date soon recovered from potential awkwardness at the start when Ruby thought Bosnian-born Dino was from Botswana (put it down to nerves), and the couple seemed to hit it off, while Twitter got hot under the collar: