You'd be covering your chest if it had this monstrosity on it, too

Rumours started flying around this morning that Leeds United were planning a surprise-unveiling of their new crest at midday. Right on the dot, they provided, showing off the result of six months research and 10,000 people consulted, setting the tone for the next 100 years of the club's unwritten history:

It's erm. It's definitely a crest.

Responses were mixed, to put it generously. It might have taken 6 months of work to get 10,000 peoples' input on the design, but it only took two hours for a petition demanding that the club scraps the new badge to reach the same number of signatures.

All of this made for a hilarious early afternoon on Twitter, of course. Here's how it played out:

Regardless of the design, today was never gonna be this person's day:

The comparisons started coming in, and it definitely looked familiar from somewhere:

Or maybe...

Hang on, I've got it:

Then came the theories about what inspired the new design:

Still, we've only got it for...wait, how long?

Yeah, be realistic...

I suppose this fits in with the rumours about signing Josh Windass

Which of the 8 stages of grief are we up to now?

At least it's not the worst salute that they could have used

At the end of the day, at least it was able to bring everybody together, even if just for a few hours

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