Starting at just £49 return...

Leeds may have been blessed with glorious sunshine for the past few weeks, but there’s nothing quite like a proper getaway, exploring somewhere new and rocking that holiday wardrobe for the 'gram without the concrete of the city centre as your only backdrop. 

For those tight on annual leave, there are plenty of warm locations within a three-hour direct flight from Leeds-Bradford Airport. Pack a cabin bag and get planning – here are six of our favourite locations to visit on a sensible last-minute budget.

AMSTERDAM - from £79 return

Flights: Direct flights seven days a week with KLM or Jet 2. Approximately 1h 10 flight time

Weather: Average July highs of 22 degrees

Things to do: What’s not to do? Shop at concept stores, rummage through flea markets, stroll along the canals, cycle through the Vondelpark…Amsterdam is a lot more than cheap weed and the red light district. For something less touristy, hang out in the De Pijp district, full of hip hotels and co-working spaces.

Things to eat: Skinny fries drenched in fresh mayo – there’s a vendor on every street corner. If you prefer things sweeter, make sure to hunt down a Stroopwafel; perch flat on the top of a hot coffee to create the perfect, melty snack. 

20170130 Escapes Amsterdam
Explore the iconic canals of Amsterdam

IBIZA - from £55 return

Flights: Direct flights every day of the week with Jet 2, Ryanair and Tui. Approximately 2h 50 flight time 

Weather: Average July highs of 29-30 degrees

Things to do: The Vengaboys weren’t messing when they bigged up the White Isle. Still, Ibiza provides as many downtime opportunities as it does hedonistic thrills: the sunsets are said to be one of the best in the world, and the whitewashed old town - a UNESCO World Heritage site - is perfect for a leisurely meander. In a large group? Book a fancy villa and make the best of the excellent scenery.

Things to eat: It wouldn’t be an Ibizan holiday without a few bevs. Sangria, frigola and hierbas ibicencas (an aniseed liquor) are all widely available - best teamed with a few tapas or sofrit pages, a stew-like mix of chicken, lamb and Ibizan sausage. 

2018 07 03 Ibiza Old Town
Ibiza's old town is recognised by UNESCO

KRAKOW - from £48 return

Flights: Direct Flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays with Ryanair. Approximately 2h 30 flight time

Weather: Average July highs of 24 degrees

Things to do: Home to some absolutely stunning architecture, Krakow is a lesser-known gem of a city break. Head to the Kazimierz district for hip, student-friendly bars, or kick back along the Vistula river with a picnic. 

Things to eat: Poland is known for its budget-friendly milk bars, where authentic dishes are served school dinner style. Located near Schindler’s factory, Bar Mleczny Krakus is one of the best – expect polish sausage, stodgy stews and pierogi. 

2018 07 03 Krakow
Krakow has stunning architecture aplenty

BERLIN - from £79 return

Flights: Direct flights on Monday and Friday with Jet 2. Approx 2 hours flight time 

Weather: Average July highs of 24 degrees

Things to do: Even GCSE history failers will find themselves immersed in Berlin’s rich past. Walk the old borders to admire the street art, and be sure to embrace the nightlife – Berlin’s 72 hour clubs are no myth.

Things to Eat: The tastiest Berlin eateries tend to be in the most unlikely places - don’t dismiss train station vendors or fast food joints. With an increasing amount of Japanese and Korean expats, there is plenty of amazing Asian cuisine to be enjoyed, as well as more traditional German schnitzels, pretzels and currywurst.

Berlin 170719 Doners
'The tastiest Berlin eateries tend to be in the most unlikely places'

NAPLES - from £151 return

Flights: Direct flights on Wednesdays and Sundays with Jet 2. Approx 3 hours

Weather: Average highs of 31 degrees

Things to Do: The meandering streets of Naples are a rabbit warren waiting to be explored. Adventurous types can climb Vesuvius and marvel at Pompeii, while those looking to chill can simply enjoy people watching on the many piazzas. For the ultimate day trip, head to Positano – the pastel houses clinging to the mountainside really are something to behold.

Things to eat: Carbs. Lots and lots of them. Pizza, pasta, arancini, gelato – it’s all delicious, fresh and pretty cheap for the portion size.

2018 07 03 Naples
The pretty pastel coastline of Positano

MÁLAGA - from £66 return

Flights: Direct flights seven days a week with Jet 2, Tui or Ryanair. Approximately 3 hours flight time

Weather: Average July highs of 30 degrees

Things to do: The gateway to much of southern Spain, Málaga is a great place to start a holiday. Take a day trip to Gibraltar, explore the Moorish architecture of nearby Granada or take a smug leg selfie on the vast expanses of the Costa del Sol – this is a popular relaxation destination for a reason.

Things to eat: It’s a little far from traditional paella region, so locals tend to opt for fresh seafood, salads and gazpacho. Almonds are highly exported from the area, so expect plenty of nutty puddings and cakes. 

Free Things To See In Malaga
Málaga is a great place to start a holiday