Find out how to apply for a romantic blind date, on us

Despite a record number of dating apps, websites, and TV shows dedicated to helping you find potential suitors these days, the act of actually locking down a date among all the ghosting, haunting, and breadcrumbing is as difficult as it’s ever been. Love Island seems like a world away when you can’t even get a Tinder match to commit to meeting you down Call Lane. So we’ve decided to the legwork for you.

Each month we’re setting up two like-minded and compatible Leeds singletons, by sending them out for a fun and (hopefully) romantic night on the town - this could be to one of our favourite bars, restaurants, or anywhere else that we think they’d enjoy based on what they’ve told us about themselves. 

Afterwards, we find out what they thought of their partner, their first impressions, chemistry, the venue, and how the night ended - in as much gory detail as they’re willing to provide. 

Fancy being set up on a free blind date? Send an email to for an application form.