Don't celebrate just yet, though...

Leeds is on course to see an economic growth of £184m from the three months following June's EU Referendum to the end of 2017, according to law firm Irwin Mitchell.

The Centre for Economic and Business Research produced a UK Powerhouse report for the lawyers, which predicted that the value of all goods and services produced in Leeds will grow by 0.6% during 2017.

As well as the boost to Leeds’ GVA (gross value added) - in addition to 0.7% growth in nearby Northern Power-housemates Greater Manchester and Sheffield -  the report predicts 3,700 extra Leeds jobs by December 2017, compared to the twelve months before.

However, the news isn’t quite as good as it sounds...

These figures don't seem quite as positive though when you consider that Leeds’ growth in the 12 months before 2016’s referendum was 2.4% - four times higher than we’re expected to enjoy this year.

The study also showed that Cambridge, Oxford, and Leeds’ European Capital of Culture rivals Milton Keynes will be the fastest growing economies in 2017, although their expansion will also be significantly lower than they were in the three months following the referendum.

Andrew Walker, head of business legal services of Irwin Mitchell's Leeds office, said: "Leeds performed strongly in the three months following the referendum result but we expect the continually unfolding political events to impact on growth over the next 12 months.”

"Also, the government's pledge of £15m to support Northern Powerhouse trade missions and £7m to establish a Northern Powerhouse Investment Taskforce is a huge step in the right direction and will help ensure the economy is firing on all cylinders in a post-Brexit Britain."