Leeds-based brewery will offer grants to businesses committed to improving life in the north

From a small basement project, to a multi-million-pound brewery operating around the world, it’s been a whirlwind for Northern Monk. And it’s exactly the business’s own background from small beginnings that has inspired owner Russell Bisset to launch a new grant as part of its fifth birthday celebrations.

The new project, which is called the For the North Foundation will offer the same amount of money - £5,000 – that Northern Monk themselves had to start their brewery, to businesses, charities and projects that are geared towards improving community life in the north of England.

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The grant, which can be applied for on the company website, will also favour projects that are committed to reducing environmental impact in the area. Northern Monk will fund the initiative through a series of launches and events, beginning in November with a product launch that the brewery has referred to as a 'UK first'.

Northern Monk already runs their Patrons Projects for collaborations with artists, athletes and people in the creative industries, and the Humans of Holbeck calendar was another example of the company’s drive to help promote their local area. On the latest project, Bisset said, “The passion we have for our craft is shared throughout the North. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people waiting for their opportunity to turn their talents and passions into something that can have a positive impact on their local area.”

More information on the For North Foundation is available at Northern Monk 

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