Watch them this year, and prepare to be smug when they make it big

One of the greatest things about Live at Leeds is that not only does it bring a diverse range of established bands into our lovely city for the day, but it also shines a light on all of the low-key, next big thing bands.

Here’s the lowdown of some of the bands from lower down on the line-up that you’re bound to be hearing from again in the future. See them in Leeds on Saturday 29 April, and prepare to be smug when they get on Top of the Pops (is that still a thing?...)

Team Picture

Describing themselves as “a group of polite individuals living in Leeds,” and drawing from psych influences like Deerhunter and The Oh Sees, Team Picture have already earned themselves well deserved slots both at Live at Leeds and Bluedot Festival.

Pioneering a sound that’s both comprised of explosive psych sounds and kraut-rock, these guys are shaping up to be something quite special.

DIY Stage: Brudenell Social Club, 1pm. Team Picture on Soundcloud


Chest Pains

Leeds locals will already be familiar with the energetic Chest Pains, especially with them bagging support slots for the likes of The Wytches, Slowcoaches and a whole array of post-punk faves.

With songs full of catchy riffs and raw energy, watching a show is almost a voyeuristic view into one of their garage band practice sessions, equally intense and exciting to keep you hooked. New track, Blood Pumping, will do exactly that, with a real slacker, post-punk tone; these guys are guaranteed to make some serious noise.

The Lending Room, 1pm. Chest Pains on Soundcloud


Dead Naked Hippies

Taking influences from the likes of Savages and The Pixies, Leeds trio Dead Naked Hippies are giving their take on the post-punk and absolutely smashing it. Despite only coming onto the scene in late 2016, this band are making their mark. New single “Drain You” is a thrashing, unstoppable force with raw emotion in singer Lucy’s pristine vocals floating above the gloomy dark riffs.

The Dork Stage: The Key Club, 1:15pm. Dead Naked Hippies on Soundcloud


Trudy and the Romance

Here’s a band for all of the hopeless romantics out there, it’s no other than Trudy and the Romance. The charming trio deliver an equally whimsical and groovy set, with influences from old-Hollywood tinged pop but with riffs reminiscent of The Cramps, it’s hard to put any kind of label on these guys. What is certain is that you’ll be positively love-drunk off of their set and you won’t be able to help but smile and groove along to their indie anthems.

DIY NEU Stage: Brudenell Social Club, 9:30pm. Trudy and the Romance on Soundcloud


Luxury Death

Next pick represents ultimate couple goalz - boyfriend/girlfriend duo Luxury Death. Ben Thompson - formerly of Nai Harvest fame - formed the duo with his partner Meg Williams striking a balance of of destructive, bittersweet lo-fi with bouncy synths creating a musical match made in heaven.

DIY Stage: Brudenell Social Club, 2pm. Luxury Death on Bandcamp


Puma Blue

How about slowing it down and kicking it back with some slow jams? Puma Blue, or Jacob Allen, is an angelic crooner with a unique spin on soul-influenced vibes, serving up the smoothest bluesy grooves meets punk-grit jams South London has to offer. Check out “Only Trying 2 Tell U” to see what this guy’s all about.
Headrow House, 6pm. Puma Blue on Soundcloud


Dream Wife

Originally forming as a faux girl band as part of a performance art project, the sickly-sweet Dream Wife are back by popular demand and with an already established bright and bold aesthetic, they’re an unstoppable force of girl power. As much for fans of Blondie and Sleater Kinney as of the Spice Girls, their sound combines equal parts NY punk and pop pizzazz.

DIY Stage: Brudenell Social Club, 9pm. Dream Wife on Bandcamp