No, you're not dreaming, it's really happening

We might be on the brink of World War 3 - that’s unless global warming or running out of natural resources kills us all off first - but none of that matters because LEEDS IS GETTING A CAT CAFE.

170407 Cat Cafe 2

Nottingham-based Kitty Cafe is a family-friendly cafe that serves freshly made food catering to all diets including vegan and gluten-free, all while being ignored by a whole gang of magnificent kits with fluffy chests and paws like little button mushrooms and perky tails pointing to the sky like the back of a dodgem car.

“When we first started the Kitty Cafe we wanted to bring something new to the high street and give something to the community” says Kate, from Kitty Cafe. “We felt a cat cafe that functions as a cat rescue would be the perfect solution”

170407 Cat Cafe 6
This might be the best cat

“We like to go above and beyond what people expect, we want the environment to be welcoming, therapeutic, relaxing, and we want people to see how well we look after our animals, the high standards that we hold ourselves to, and the work we do in the community

The cafe will produce homemade food such as paninis, pizzas, pasta, cakes, loose leaf teas and coffees, all prepared in a kitchen that’s separate from the cat cafe. Kate assures us that the cats don’t prepare the food themselves: “They'd get their paws mucky.”

Customers then eat it in the the company of the cats, while using specifically-designed covers to keep them from eating it - even though they deserve a little bit of cake for being very good cats.

170407 Cat Cafe 4
...or perhaps this one?

“The Kitty Cafe is a unique concept on the high street, we have wide open spaces, lots of comfortable chairs, food, drink, and of course lots of beautiful cats”

And if you want a takeaway, they can arrange that for you too.

“The majority of our cats are available for rehoming, we fulfill all of their veterinary requirements, so they’re injected, microchipped, and spayed or neutered before they leave us. We do full home checks, to make sure our cats are going to the best forever homes.”

170407 Cat Cafe 3
No wait, this one!

The cats who occupy Kitty Cafe come from a range of backgrounds, ranging from rescue cats, to strays, to cats which have had medical issues.

“When they leave us it’s always a little bit bittersweet because we’ve loved having them with us and we’re sad to see them go, but it means we can help so many more cats in the community”

170407 Cat Cafe 5
They are all very good cats.

Kitty Cafe is set to open in Leeds City Centre this Summer.