And tickets are now on sale...

We’ve been waiting months for this, but Junkyard Golf Club have finally announced the opening date of their new Leeds venue as Thursday 27th September. 

Featuring three nine hole golf courses inside The Light, the whole concept is designed with reclaimed and reworked parts, so you can expect them each to live up to the name, with scrapyard slides, a hall of shattered dreams, a UV disco room and some pun-happy hole names (B*tch don't kill my tribe?). 

The Polluted Paradise course promises a jungle and a Rihanna-themed forest bathroom, while the Scrapyard is disco themed, with scrapped cars and a garage room. The third of the courses is a kind of nightmare circus, with scary clowns and a hall of mirrors to put you off your stroke. Don’t expect too many birdies at Junkyard Golf – you’re more likely to encounter a bear.

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JYG Leeds will feature three nine hole golf courses inside The Light

Of course, if golf isn’t your thing, you might be wondering what Junkyard has to keep your interest. Fortunately, they’ve headed you off at the pass with four cocktail bars around the venue, serving a range of party cocktails as well as fairground food such as party rings and popping candy. 

The main bar will also have hot food; think hot dogs and nachos. And if you’re thinking about a fancy-dress jaunt, there’s also a GIF photo booth for you to Instagram your “sporting” prowess.

If you’re going to get a ticket (£8-£9.50), then its worth taking a look at their Facebook and Instagram accounts; they’ve promised prizes and giveaways for the launch party. Head on over to their website for bookings but don’t wait until the last minute; the Manchester, Oxford and London venues have a reputation for filling up quickly. 

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Junkyard will boast four cocktail bars... just four?

Junkyard Golf Club Leeds will be open at The Light Shopping Centre Leeds for 7 days a week, 4pm-12am Monday-Wednesday, 2pm-12am Thursday, 12pm-1am Friday and Saturday and 12pm-10pm Sunday.