Popular cafe will serve its last brekkie on Saturday 26th May as pop-up moves in

The Greedy Pig is an institution in Leeds. It has saved us from many a hangover, where we've met countless friends for brunch, and delighted us again and again with their generous stacks of cornbread. 

Owners Jo and Stu have worked tirelessly to satisfy hungry visitors for some six years now, and are very much an integral part of Leeds' beating independent heart. You may have queued around the block for one of their pies sold to fundraise for a customer loo, or snapped up one of their famous Scotch eggs at Leeds International Beer Festival, or tried the tongue tacos at Belgrave Feast. 

But all good things must come to an end, and so it is for The Greedy Pig, which will serve its last brekkie on Saturday 26th May.

We finally have the restaurant we always wanted...

"For six years we’ve put our all in to this little shop and we’re so proud of what it’s achieved," says Jo. "We’ve met so many people through our little pig, people from such diverse backgrounds, involved in so many different occupations and made many, many friends... but now it's time to call it a day."

Fear not, however, as Jo and Stu are going nowhere, and have a few more tricks up the sleeves of their chef whites.

Swine That Dines
The Swine That Dines is taking over at The Greedy Pig

Three years ago they began The Swine That Dines, which started life as a pop-up supper club with the folks down at Outlaws Yacht Club. Things have since progressed, so much so The Swine got it's own entry in the Good Food Guide 2018.

Now it's prime time for The Swine that Dines to shine, as it takes over The Greedy Pig's spot at 58 North Street.

"We’ve fallen in love with our Swine as much as we ever loved our Pig," says Jo. "But we don’t have the energy for both, so we’re having to make a choice.

"We know many of you will miss The Pig but we know you will be happy for Stu and I that we finally have the restaurant we always wanted. Thank you so much to every single one of you. You helped us get where we are today. Still on North Street. Just doing things a little differently."

170904 Competition Swine That Dines
The Swine featured in the Good Food Guide 2018

This is sad news, but also good news. 

The Swine has achieved in our city what few others have; a truly intimate and informal dining experience, with quality fare at fantastic value. We rarely use the word ‘experience’ in relation to eating (it’s bandied about too liberally), But The Swine is an experience, the very definition of a hidden gem.

So we can't wait to see what they deliver next (see a sample menu here), though we hear rumours those Scotch eggs will stay put, as will Stu's famous black pudding. And where would we be without that on a Saturday?

Swine That Dines, 50 North St, Leeds, LS2 7PN