Because to cut it you have to cut it...

Remember when drinking in a cool bar was enough to constitute a good Saturday night? When knowing exactly what to expect when walking through the door was just fine. Well, the times are changing, three mojitos and a shuffle on the dance floor to Fatman Scoop ain't gonna cut it anymore, man.

No, because to cut it now you literally need to cut it... in a barbershop, ideally.

Inspired by the mystery of Prohibition and our need for more offbeat drinking experiences, bars have been popping up in all sorts of places across the city, including the city's barbershops.

Here are three of the best...

180424 Leeds Barbershop Bars Img 2925 Jpg Lords Poison Barbershop


This time last year, something hush-hush was happening underneath this hip New Briggate barbershop. In a secretive homage to the speakeasies of old, Bar Poison had sprung to life, offering (members only) a taste of exclusive after hours revelry. If you knew, you knew. If you didn’t, you just walked on by.

Roll forward several months, and Remedy has grown into a barbershop-cum-coffeeshop-cum-wine-bar-jazz-cafe-space, meaning you can get a chop, a coffee and a cabernet all under one roof. Pretend you’re tucked away in a Parisian café bar, order a plank of charcuterie and let the live jazz soften the edges of the evening. Nice.

Remedy, 16 New Briggate, Leeds LS1 6NU - tel. 0113 380 4912

180424 Leeds Barbershop Bars Img 2948 Domino

Lord's/The Domino

Hidden away at the back of Lord's barbershop in the Grand Arcade, the entrance to The Domino feels very secretive... aside from the flashing neon sign of course. Pass the salon seats to the back and you'll be met by a bouncer who will grant you admission to the cavernous underground space below.

Opened last year, The Domino comes from the brothers behind the illustrious Roland’s of Call Lane, who wanted to combine the vibe of a jazz/blues club with a hidden drinking den boasting top end liquor. 

Inside, a decadent hideaway of rich wood, burgundy leather, illuminated glass and exposed brick awaits. It’s old-school without being old-fashioned, thanks to playful neon lighting and music that brings the place to life. Speaking of old fashioned, the bartenders knock together a mean cocktail.

The Domino, 7 Grand Arcade, Leeds LS1 6PG

180424 Leeds Barbershop Bars Outlaws Yacht Club 180424 Leeds Barbershop Bars Img 2954

Outlaws Yacht Club

Tucked away on New York Street, Outlaws Yacht Club is a veteran of the Leeds’ hidden gem collection. An arts space, gig venue, daytime hangout and late-night bar, you could say it’s got everything it needs – even without the ‘50s-inspired salon and barbershop, Rebel Pin Up, nestled at the back.

You’ll find retro relics, wooden chairs, squashy sofas, a precariously stacked collection of board games and some low-hanging greenery setting the vibe in Outlaws. There's locally roasted coffee, sharing boards and in the evenings a healthy selection of craft beer (including Outlaw’s very own Northern Monk-brewed variety), wines, cocktails, DJs and regular live music sets to keep you sauced and artsy.

OYC, 38 New York Street, Leeds LS2 7DY - tel: 0113 234 6998

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