But it might not be the end for the fashion company in Leeds

Fashion designer Burberry has announced that it will not be going ahead with proposed plans to redevelop Leeds' iconic Temple Works as a factory - one of the flagship projects in the ongoing upheaval of the city's South Bank area .

Details of the £50million proposal were first revealed in 2015, with a projected completion date of 2019, however the company has said that its option on the Grade I-listed building has lapsed, and plans for the building are dead in the water.

170712 Burberry Temple Works
Temple Works

While this news seems bad for the South Bank project, Burberry currently has an option on other land in the area, which they are said to be weighing up the possibilities for.

While Burberry's future in South Bank remains uncertain, the company is still expected to bring together 300 staff across its manufacturing, HR, finance, and IT sectors into premises at 6 Queen Street in the city centre's financial district.