Aye, you heard right

How much chocolate could you eat in one sitting? Everyone knows it’s digested in a completely separate stomach, so there’s always room for chocolate, no matter how full you are. What do you reckon? 100g? 200g? A giant airport Toblerone? Two ‘family sized’ bars of Dairy Milk?

Whatever you *think* you can manage, there’s a chance to find out for sure on April 22nd, when The Light launches a special family-friendly Easter Monday charity event. 

For the outrageously reasonable price of £10 per person, you could gain delicious access to a special all-you-can-eat Chocolate Factory experience. “Mmmm…chocolate…”

20170809 Slatterys Chocolate
Chocolate and charity

Feast on a fondue fountain, a massive chocolate pyramid, unlimited crepes and pick up some chocolate making skills during a chocolatier’s masterclass. Not bad for a tenner.

Of course, there’s a catch – as you’d expect there would be with an offer of huge amounts of chocolate. There are only sixty, that’s 60, one-hour slots available. 

So, if you’re already salivating like a maniac, compose yourself, clean yourself up and head on over to this Facebook page to gobble up a ticket. Oh, and all proceeds go to Hope Pastures, a horse and donkey sanctuary up in Weetwood that is big on animal welfare, and opens for events, shows and general family fun all year round. 

So if you can’t do this for yourself, just think of the animals….