Here's how to get tickets for the live, interactive autopsy supper

A live show which features an interactive autopsy of a "human body" is coming to Leeds next Spring, and you can get tickets.

Anatomy Live Lab is the organiser of these sell-out events which tour around the country, and they're rummaging around inside the world's only semi-synthetic human cadaver in Leeds next April.

The cadaver, named VIVIT, is the next best thing to a real human corpse, and is filled with actual internal organs from pigs - chosen because their anatomical likeness to humans. VIVIT will be dissected on stage by anatomist Samuel Piri, accompanied by a team of human anatomists, medical professionals, and physiologists who'll explain their function and role in the body.

Starting with the brain and working down the spiral chord, the demonstration will also show the effects of lifestyle choices on organs, such as smokers' lungs, and the liver of a heavy drinker. "

We can give people a better understanding of health and disease and show them the effect on the body - and they can perhaps make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices." says Piri.

Don't worry if you think all of this will leave you feeling a bit peckish - the £60 ticket price also includes a two-course meal prior to the dissection. 

Anatomy Lab Live takes place Sunday 8 April at The Village Hotel, Otley Road. Tickets £60, available here