LET’S BE honest, you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet. Let’s be really honest - you probably haven’t even started it. You’ve probably seen our Independent Christmas Shopping Guide by now (if not, what are you waiting for?) but we get it, you’re busy, so we’re gonna spell it out for you with specific ideas so your nearest, dearest, and secret santa recipients don’t end up with another panic-bought Lush bath bomb.

All of the gift ideas are from local designers and makers, so you can get your Christmas shopping out of the way, score some friend-points, and support Leeds’ creatives all at the same time.


Latte Patch

Give your coffee-obsessed friend the chance to wear their foam-heart on their sleeve with this patch from the Ladyfuzz collective

If they can’t sew, they can just stick it on top of a mug in top-down brunch photos, and trick Instagram into thinking they’re pouring a perfect latte every morning. (£5, Ladyfuzz.co.uk)


Punch Monday in the Face Mug

Cute, colourful, with the potential for physical aggression  - this is the Harley Quinn of drinking receptacles. It’s advertised as being dishwasher safe - we’d be more worried on the Hotpoint’s behalf though, personally… (£8, OneTenZeroSeven.com)


Vinyl Notebook

This is a match made in heaven: nobody actually listens to the vinyl that they buy from Urban Outfitters, and nobody spoils the fresh pages of a new notebook by actually, y’know, writing in it. This A6 notebook from Melodies Jewellery has a cover etched from an actual 12” LP; get it for your Dad and see how long it takes him to make a “One for the record books!!” joke. (£10, Etsy)


Denby-Potted Plant

We’ve all got one friend who’s too busy/forgetful/drunk all the time to take care of a houseplant - let alone a pet - luckily, these low-maintenance succulents from The Plant Room will sit in their vintage Denby stoneware looking pretty without any fuss for weeks on end. (From £12, Tall Boys Beer Market)


Cactus Lapel Pins

...And if they can’t be trusted to take care of a succulent? Well they can just wear one, with these cute lapel pins from Bobbi Rae (£10, BobbiRae.co.uk)


Flora Embroidery

...And if they can’t even be trusted to not prick themselves on the pin from a fake-cactus badge? Well good on you for persisting with them for this long. When Cobra Club tattoo artist Chloe O’Malley isn’t stabbing people with needles, she’s taking it out on fabric, by creating colourful, tactile and intricate embroideries of wild plant-life (From £50, Chloe O’Malley)


Rescued Fabric Purse

By The Lock salvages vintage fabrics and makes them into high quality, one of a kind items. This zip purse is perfect for keeping cards, headphones, spare change, or whatever we’re using for currency when the economy completely collapses in 2017 - those green plastic counters from the Waitrose tills, or Smarties maybe. (£10, Etsy)


“Life Tastes Better Together” Print

Because six months on, are you really ready to stop making passive-aggressive digs at the Leave voter in your life? No, me neither. Also it’s a really, really nice print. (£20, Sean Mort)


Baby Bandana

There’s nothing - nothing - as cute as seeing a handsome old street-dog wearing a bandana around its neck, but your friends baby might come close. This bandana from Accidentally Vix are hand-sewn with cream padding on the back and a festive candy-cane print on the front which is guaranteed to look festive even when covered in regurgitated rusks (£8, Etsy)


Lotus Flower Ring

Pandora? Come on, use your imagination. Jenny Gilbert makes handmade boutique-quality jewellery from sterling silver - this lotus flower ring has a pearl elevated on two tiers of petals, making it stand out that much further, therefore easier to show off. (£85, Jenny Gilbert)