Follow our whistle-stop tour of some of the city’s most famous murals and street art

Liverpool is awash with technicolour street art - and we’re not talking about the "Ya Ma is a grass" and the "Yer Da sells Avon" of the graffiti world either. The city has become an alluring canvas for large-scale wall murals and urban art over recent years and as it happens, is also home (or neighbour) to a number of über-talented mural artists. 

Paul Curtis, Akse and Calum Medforth are amongst the rabble of gifted, Northern artistes who have lined the streets of Liverpool with their extraordinary urban art - but who else has made the city their easel? 

We drop pins on just some of Liverpool’s most crowd-pulling wall art so you can add them to the map (and your Insta Story) on your next meander around the city.

The Liverpool Wings Famous Mural By Paul Curtis In The Baltic Triangle

The Liverpool Wings (Paul Curtis)

Writing an article about Liverpool street art without mentioning the For All Liverpool's Liver Birds wings would be sacrilegious. The giant, mineral green wings painted directly on brick by the legendary Paul Curtis popped up in the Baltic Triangle back in 2017. Since then, thousands of visitors and locals alike have flocked to stand in front of the outstretched wings, to transform themselves into a human-Liver Bird hybrid (including Yours Truly). 

Where to find it: Jamaica Street L1 0AH

John Caulshaw Street Art Mural Liverpool Liver Bird Wedding House

Liver Bird (John Culshaw)

John Culshaw is another Liverpool-based mural artist who has taken the iconic Liver Bird as his muse to create an incredible piece of wall art on the side of a Grade II-listed building. Funded through the Liverpool Without Walls initiative, the artwork features a detailed interpretation of the beautiful bird against a vibrant, graphic sunset. 

Where to find it: 3-4 Great George Place L1 7AG

Liam Bononi Street Art Mural Friend Liverpool Wedding House

Liverpool Without Walls (Liam Bononi)

On the other side of The Wedding House is another striking piece of artwork in the shadow of the Anglican Cathedral. The 50ft mural of a man seemingly pulling his own face off, is by Brazilian artist Liam Bononi. The expressive eyes and hands are distinctive features that are present in most of his works. Liam says that the image is of a close friend and was also created through the Liverpool Without Walls culture fund - hence the name. 

Where to find it: 3-4 Great George Place L1 7AG

Paul Curtis Abbey Road Street Art Baltic Cains

Abbey Road (Paul Curtis)

Commissioned by The Beatles Story in honour of the Abbey Road album’s 50th anniversary in 2019, this immersive work plays with dimension to allow passersby to recreate the famous Abbey Road crossing. Find it on the side of Cain’s Brewery in the heart of the Baltic Triangle district. 

Where to find it: Grafton Street L8 6SF

Tempest Nomad Clan
The Tempest mural Image: Nomad Clan

Tempest (Nomad Clan)

At 21m high, the towering, landmark artwork on the side of the Tempest Building is one of the tallest murals in the north of England. Created by all-female group, Nomad Clan, the mural is designed to signify new beginnings and flourishing entrepreneurship in the city. More than a bit bad-ass. 

Where to find it: 12 Tithebarn Street L2 2DT

Jurgen Klopp Akse Street Art Mural Liverpool Baltic

Jürgen Klopp (Akse)

Let’s talk about bricks, baby… the brick wall in the Baltic Triangle that has been adorned with a giant portrait of beloved Liverpool FC manager, Jürgen Klopp that is (albeit pre-laser eye surgery) - courtesy of graffiti artist, Akse. Boom. 

Where to find it: Jordan Street L1 0BW

Ten Streets Liverpool Regeneration Ten Streets Market
Calum Medforth's 'Ernie' Image: Ten Streets Market

Ernie the Giant (Calum Medforth)

Brought to life by local muralist, Cal Medforth, Ernie the Giant takes up residence on the walls of Ten Streets Market, ready to snap a photo of you with his equally elephantine smartphone.

Where to find it: Cotton Street L3 7BX

Everton Murwalls X Kit It Out Baltic

Everton (MurWalls x Kit It Out)

In 2020, equality and inclusion organisation, Kit It Out joined forces with British street artists group, MurWalls to create a piece of work paying homage to four of Everton FC’s most celebrated players. Catch the boys in blue in the Baltic Triangle.

Where to find it: Greenland Street L1 0BS

Shenanigans Liverpool Rooftop Bar
Medforth's mural on Shenanigans Image: Shenanigans

Shenanigans (Calum Medforth)

If you’re around the business district, it’s hard to miss this giant ginger-haired docker painted on the side of Shenanigans pub. The piece is inspired by the heritage between Liverpool and Ireland, which began in the 1800s when the building was built.

Where to find it: 77 Tithebarn Street L2 2EN

Akse Alexander Arnold Anfield Road Pic David Rawcliffe Propaganda
Trent Alexander-Arnold by Akse Image: David Rawcliffe / Propaganda

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Akse)

Step a little outside the city centre, not far from Anfield Stadium and you’ll find a large mural of LFC right-back, Trent Alexander-Arnold, commissioned by the Anfield Wrap. The piece is dedicated to Fans Supporting Food Banks - a collaborative initiative between Liverpool FC and Everton FC, dedicated to tackling food poverty across the city. 

Where to find it: Sybil Road, Anfield L4 0RR

Jazz Stan Baltic Market Street Art Liverpool

Baltic Market (Jazz Stan)

If the rain is pouring and you don’t fancy going on a wall mural crawl outdoors, you can find a whole host of Jazz Stan’s incredible mural work in various venues across the city - the Baltic Market, PINS bowling alley, Liberté and Turncoat Bar just to name a few. 

Where to find it: 107 Stanhope Street L8 5RE

Routes Shane Omalley Street Art Mural Liverpool Fabric District

Routes (Shane O’Malley)

There’s loads of incredible street art in the Fabric District, but this piece by Irish artist Shane O’Malley certainly brings plenty of colour and cheer to the place. Shane’s strong use of colour stems from his origins in graffiti culture and he’s painted graffiti and murals around Ireland and Europe. Routes was completed in 2018 as part of the Contrast Mural Festival.

Where to find it: Gildart Street L3 8LB

Paul Curtis Ethan Street Art Liverpool

Baby Ethan (Paul Curtis)

A huge baby swimming underwater in Liverpool city centre. Measuring 18 metres high and 10 metres wide, this mural is potentially the largest street art painting in the centre of Liverpool. Located on the side of The Abbey Road bar, the baby is said to represent the rebirth of Liverpool and the new hopes following the Coronavirus lockdowns. And the name? At the time of painting, Paul’s sister was expecting a baby boy, named Ethan.

Where to find it: Harrington Street L2 9QA

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