Don't miss the annual barbecue feast this Sunday

LUNYA proprietor Peter Kinsella is a man who knows his onions, especially the the Spanish leek type things that are a bit like them.

We are talking  the "calçot", which looks like a scallion - that's a spring onion to you and not someone in a Rab fleece.

The calçot is so prized by the Spanish that it has its own festival - the Calçotada.  Taking place every spring, it is one of Catalunya’s most traditional celebrations.

Chop till you drop

Millions of calçots are dug up from the fields and in towns and villages the length of the Costa Brava, fires are lit and they are charred over burning coals, sealed in newspaper and served with Romesco sauce, followed by lots of char-grilled meat. 

What's good for the Catalunyans is good for Liverpudlians too, innit? 

Catalunyan restaurant and deli Lunya  was the first place in the UK to embrace the Calçotada and it has staged the hugely enjoyable food event for the past five years. So much so that it's now a College Lane tradition too.

It is well worth a trip if only to witness startled Spanish passers-by giving the staff rounds of applause and having selfies taken with them to show to their mama on Facebook. 

This Sunday they are holding another one.

A lorry bearing 2,000 calcots from Barcelona is chugging down Edge Lane as we write. 

“Come and join us for an afternoon of traditional Catalan food, and entertainment,” says Peter. 

Nobody knows what the Met Office is forecasting for Sunday's al fresco event, but aye, it'll be windy alright.

Calçotada Feast,  Lunya, 18 College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3DS. Tel 0151 706 9770.  £29.95 (veggie, £23.95). Sunday March 12, 1pm onwards.

Calcotada menu

Char-grilled calçots and romesco sauce

Fuet, Salchichón & Catalan Tomato Bread

Char-grilled meat feast

Catalan Butifarra

Lamb chops

Chicken, rosemary, garlic and lemon

Patatas Bravas 

(Vegetarian alternative of char-grilled vegetables and mushroom stuffed piquillo peppers)

Crema Catalana

Fresh Oranges

Price: £29.95 (Vegetarian £20.95)

That number again!  0151 706 9770.