Lowri Herbert delves into white cookie dough and croffles on Bold Street

What: Haute Dolci

Where: Bold Street

Food/drink type: Desserts, brunch, sandwiches and burgers, milkshakes, mocktails and coffee 

When: Sunday to Thursday 10am - 11pm, Friday to Saturday 10am - 12am

Independent or chain: Chain


Decadent dessert chain Haute Dolci opened its doors on Bold Street in August and it feels prestigious (lots of marble-look decor) but welcoming as soon as you step in. There’s definitely been a conscious effort to elevate this sweet treat brand to be more opulent than your average dessert shop. There’s white pillars and royal blue booths mixed with aventurine green on the walls; all very light and rich. 

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Inside Haute Dolcli Image: Confidentials

The Main Event

The menu is like a glossy photo album filled with images of drinks and dishes with many varieties of desserts including amalgamations like croffles (a crepe-waffle hybrid). For drinks I went for the Tropical Crush and our Assistant Publisher Harley chose the Blue Lagoon. These were kind of like drinking straight syrup; incredibly sugary to the point where it was a struggle to finish - I had to down it when we left and was surprised I wasn’t bouncing off the walls for the rest of the day. But, being a dessert place, drinks like these are expected and there’s certainly sweet-toothed people out there who will love them. 

Then, we ordered desserts. Anticipating the sweet treat nature of Haute Dolci, we didn’t even glance at the savoury stuff. Another time perhaps. 

Harley ordered the Lotus Biscoff Croffle with biscoff ice cream and I got the ‘I Knead You’ cookie dough which consisted of white chocolate chip cookie dough with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate sauce. Both these dishes were indulgent in all the right ways. The white chocolate sauce that I poured all over my cookie dough just added to the richness. Now, desserts are just desserts in my book and are either good or not, and these were good. The only downside was that my cookie dough was a little tougher on the sides where it had been baked and tasted slightly burnt. Harley enjoyed the lightness of the croffle itself and kept sweeping up the sugary sauce with each forkful. 

The staff were warm and kind. We were greeted by a waitress in a suit so it felt very fancy, which is what may set Haute Dolci apart from your average dessert stop. It was quiet when we popped in, but it was a Monday afternoon, so I’m hoping that the lovely space fills out more of a weekend. It was a bit quiet to have any kind of vibe, but the staff were lovely and welcoming. 

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Judgement Day

I think there’s a lot on offer at Haute Dolci, and the desserts are definitely the type that you crave when you need something sweet. They’re pretty and there’s a lot of options, so whatever you’re feeling can be catered to. 

The drinks are a little too sweet but somehow also manage to taste acidic. It’s too much when you’re also eating a sacchariferous dish. It might be a bit better if you choose a savoury dish, but Haute Dolci scratches a sweet treat itch.

Haute Dolci Liverpool, 14-16 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4DS

  • Food 6.5/10

  • Ambience 3/5

  • Service 4/5