VEENO, the Italian Wine Cafe on Castle Street is to be the first place in Liverpool to serve Skinny Prosecco - the wonder bubbly which boasts same sugar content as an apple.

Skinny Prosecco, which is also organic and vegan friendly, had them queuing down the road when it launched in Manchester last week and social media in both cities has been abuzz.  With "less than half of the sugar of the rest" - 67 calories a glass - the theory is that you can sip it while still being able to slip into your clothes.

Or you could just go for a glass of extra brut Champagne which weighs in at around at the same.

The blurb from maker Thompson & Scott says: "The low sugar content is achieved by growing beautifully pure fruit in the vineyards and working carefully and respectfully in the winery; there is no need to add a lot of sugar to the finished product."

On Wednesday 27th July, Veeno is staging a public AperItalia event where it will be featuring the hit bubbly and giving customers the opportunity to quaff a glass with accompanying spuntini appetisers.

The idea of Skinny Prosecco was inspired by the upbringing of the company's founder, BBC arts broadcater Amanda Thompson. she was raised on a vegetarian and no-sugar diet by a health conscious mother who thought sugar was the devil.

But although Veeno might be the first to uncork the drink, it is unlikely to be the last.

Company spokesman Ian Thompson told Liverpool Confidential: "We have had lots of people ask us when we're going to come to your beautiful city.

"Manchester has gone crazy for it, as has Newcastle, Dublin and Glasgow where we're heading next.

"But Liverpool - we want to be there and we plan to be pouring as fast as we can."

For the opportunity to join Veeno on Wednesday 27th July, see their website 


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