Special one-off treat for overworked NHS staff

THE wait for tickets for Bongo’s Bingo is long. Even longer than that to be seen by our overworked staff in the country’s A&E departments. But only just.

This weekend, however, 1,000 nurses in Liverpool get to jump the queue for free as the producers of the live show zeitgeist say thanks for caring.

Yes, a special one-off Bongo’s Bingo, this Sunday night (May 21) will give a break to the overworked and underpaid backbone of the medical system in the country. A show just for NHS nurses - and it will cost them nowt to let down their hair.

The party, at Camp & Furnace, is a very rare chance to get tickets in Liverpool, with all shows in the city sold out far into the summer and a 20,000 waiting list for each.

Bongo’s Bingo co-founder Joshua Burke says: “Both my parents are nurses, so I see first-hand how much stress they are under, which is reflective not only of Liverpool but it appears to be the same sad scenes across the whole country. This really is something very close to my heart, with nurses under ongoing duress in hospitals across the land, and morale is at an all time low. A lot of people take what nurses do for everyone for granted as well as a system that doesn’t seem to care. So myself and the team want to do something special for the nurses of Liverpool, and this Sunday we are offering a special party just for them at Camp and Furnace.”

Those expecting to hear the dulcet Northern Irish brogue of Jonny Bongo, the genius behind the Liverpool-born show which has taken the UK and Dubai by storm, will have to get in line for another time. Sunday's show will road test a brand new Bongo’s Bingo host, Rick McSandwich, who will be "exercising his immense verbosity and impeccable tune selection whilst holding court over a room".

To get tickets, everyone must register via the subscription section of the website homepage HERE between 6pm – 8pm today. Then at 6pm tomorrow everyone who has got a ticket will be sent an email with a private ticket link. The limit it two tickets per email address and one of the people attending must be able to provide proof of working for the NHS at the event. All ticket applicants must be NHS nurses or students in the medical field.

Bongo’s Bingo, Sunday May 21, @ Camp and Furnace, 67 Greenland St, Liverpool, L1 0BY. Doors open 5pm. Show starts 7pm – 10.30pm. Apply for tickets from www.bongosbingo.co.uk between 6pm – 8pm today, Tues 16 th May