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In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Roast

THIS Sunday at 2pm, Jimmy's Liverpool will become a place of worship. All faiths and creeds are welcome to congregate. The only entry requirement is that you share a deep, abiding love for the twin pillars of this particular church: roast dinner and rock n roll.

In the words of George Craig, one of the two brothers who founded Jimmy's, Sunday Mass "will be less a standard Sunday Roast and more of an event." 

There'll be live music, singalongs, and a brilliant communal atmosphere - all centred around a Sunday Roast menu that's aiming to be the best on Bold Street.

There'll be just one sitting - with everyone arriving at their new first floor restaurant at 2pm/ 2.15pm. Bread and wine will be shared while rock-n-roll-loving nun Sister Sanderson plays classics from the likes of The Rolling Stones and Queen on the piano. Spirits will be high, rising to sky-high when the food is served.

Jimmy's wouldn't put all this effort into creating a 'happening' without ensuring that the main attraction - the roast dinners - are absolutely spot-on.

2020 01 20 Jimmys Sunday6

Mind-blowing crackling

Their beef and lamb, for example, come from Hannan Meats in Northern Ireland - a small family business that supplies to the likes of Fortnum & Mason and Mark Hix. 

Says George, "Hannans have been Supreme Champions at the Great Taste Awards countless times for a lot of their products. They also supply our porchetta [on the Sunday Roast menu]. It's a rolled pork belly stuffed with Italian sausage meat. 

"We roasted it off yesterday for five and a half hours - and it is literally the most insane piece of meat I've ever eaten. The crackling on it is just mind-blowing."

Vegetarians and vegans will be served a Beetroot Wellington, which George says is "fantastic". Made with tofu, beetroot, lots of herbs, and rolled in pastry, it's a dish they're really proud of.  

2020 01 20 Jimmys Sunday5

Not tight on the gravy

The sides are a little bit special too: sweetheart cabbage roasted in the Big Green Egg to give them that charred, smoky taste, and served with anchovy butter. And leek and cauliflower cheese - oven-baked and really fresh. Gravy is served in big teapots so you can pour with abandon and without fear of running out.

There's also the option of non-roast dinner dishes including bangers and mash (sausages from Hannans again, and the creamiest, most indulgent mash around). And, in a bizarre swerve that's typical of Jimmy's maverick approach, salt-and-pepper grilled octopus.

"If large groups come and some don't want a roast, that's fine," says George. "Or if you all want a family-style roast to share, you can pre-order a King Beef Wellington to slice at the table."

This is priced at £25 per head including all the tackle. The rest of the roasts are £14 per head.

2020 01 20 Jimmys Sunday

Cuddly puds and a party

Puddings are "the cuddly kind that come with custard and ice cream". Think smoked sticky toffee pudding and bread & butter pudding.

"And," says George, "If you don't want a pudding and you're in a really good mood we'll be knocking out shots of Cafe Patron whilst our pianist is playing honky-tonk rock n roll. Or you can have an Espresso Martini or a Tequila Mary, whatever you want.

"We're trying to make it a real party atmosphere. You don't necessarily have to get hammered but it's something that you can go out and enjoy. 

"There'll be a good atmosphere, good views of the bombed out church, and food that feels like a real treat."

Okay, we're sold. Anything more to add?

"Based on the bookings I'm looking at now, get booked in early. I've already got 50% filled for the first week, and no-one's even seen any food yet."

You heard him. Book for Sunday Mass at Jimmy's Liverpool here.

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