THE Liverpool School of Language, Music, Dream and Pun on Mathew Street was an extraordinary place.

In the mid to late 1970s it created a unique space where dreams becam reality and, in particular, Jung's dream of Liverpool as the "Pool of Life".  It was also the first ever venue for Ken Campbell's Illuminatus!

It has got a lot to answer for.

To commemorate its important part in the creative history of the city, there will be an event taking place this Sunday, 2nd December, at 1pm, which includes the unveiling of a new plaque dedicated to the School - the original plaque having been donated to the Museum of Liverpool in the Wondrous Place Gallery.

Before they become museum pieces themselves, dream merchants such as Peter and Sean O'Halligan will be there, and the man behind the latest move, Laurence Sidorczuk, plus many other interesting types.

He says: "We'll be meeting up outside Flanagans Apple under C.J. Jung and the inscribed stone. It's time people walking up Mathew Street recognised what came out of The School."

If you know what we're going on about, you probably should be there.

But, if not, pictures and a proper piece on Monday.

Update: Here is Angie Sammons's account of how she unveiled the plaque with Peter 0'Halligan. Read it here.