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Vicky Andrews checks into Jimmy’s for a bit of Sunday-afternoon R&R

If you enjoy a cracking roast, banging cocktails and the idea of a nun belting out rock’n’roll tunes on the piano, then Jimmy’s new ‘Sunday Mass’ will be a blessing from heaven.  

I love my spuds and gravy, so when I heard the calling for the launch party, you’d better believe I was the first one knock-knock-knocking on the door. This lunch club is quite different from your usual meat and two veg. Firstly, there’s only one sitting, at 2pm, which is brilliant if you’re a lazy heathen like me who doesn’t get out of bed at the weekend until after midday.

Good gravy and plenty of it is the anchor for any roast dinner, and here it comes in abundance, served in a big teapot

It’s a proper sit-down communal happening, and the order of service starts with a taster of fresh bread and a shot glass of wine, Communion-style, if you will. Sip it slowly or neck it down like it’s the Last Supper; we’re all friends here and nobody is going to judge you. The Bloody Mary certainly woke me up, sweet and spicy with a slice of dill pickle, cherry tomato, green olive and pickled onion. All the vegetables you’ll ever need and a handy hangover cure in one.  

If your appetite is of biblical proportions then there are plenty of starters to choose from, including flatbreads, guac and croquettes, as well as a hearty Sunday soup special. The roast dinners are a winning combination of quality meat, fresh vegetables, golden roast potatoes and - the crowning glory - a whopping Yorkshire pudding on top.

2020 01 24 Jimmys Sunday Roast Porchetta
Porchetta roast and a Mad Hatter's teapot of gravy

I’d highly recommend the porchetta roast; rolled pork belly stuffed with sausage meat. It’s basically the Italian version of a hog roast and Jimmy’s chef cooks theirs off for five and a half hours. The result is a beautiful cut of meat with a deep, aromatic flavour and sublime salty crackling. My lunch partner went for the roast beef and, although I didn’t manage to prise much off their fork, I can confirm it was also tender and perfectly cooked. Good gravy and plenty of it is the anchor for any roast dinner, and here it comes in abundance, served in a big teapot with the offer of a refill. It’s proper homemade stuff too. Hasta la Bisto, baby.

2020 01 24 Jimmys Piano Nun
Piano-playing 'nun' Sister Sanderson

The vegan beetroot Wellington looked epic, as did the extra veg dishes, including Tenderstem broccoli, mash and roasted sweetheart cabbage. We ordered an oven-baked leek and cauliflower cheese side which was deliciously sinful. If it’s a family-size feast you’re after, then you can pre-order a main course of king beef Wellington for six or more to slice at the table, priced at £20 per person including all the trimmings. All the other roasts are £14 per head. There’s also the option of non-roast dinner mains like bangers and mash, hannan burger, aubergine burger, and Jimmy’s amazing salt and pepper grilled octopus.

2020 01 24 Jimmys Espresso Martini
Espresso martini and hymn sheet 268

Give us this day, our daily bread and butter pudding, chocolate brownie or a wicked sticky toffee dessert. And what better way to finish than with an espresso martini or a cheeky shot of Patron XO Cafe? Amen to that, Brother Jimmy. Soft drinks are available too and spirits were high anyway thanks to ‘Sister Sanderson’, who treated us to piano covers from the likes of the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, Queen and The Coral. Don’t tell James Skelly, but Sister’s honkytonk version of Dreaming of You is my new guilty pleasure.  

With spectacular views of St Luke’s Church, great food and good company, this weekly celebration could become a hard habit to break. If only every day was like Sunday.  

Book your place at Jimmy’s Sunday Mass here.  

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