Popular Bold Street bar will see its final Saturday night on 30 September

Jimmy's bar has announced it will be closing its doors for good on Saturday (30 September) following an 'uphill battle' to stay afloat since the pandemic.

The popular Bold Street bar, which opened in 2019 in the Havelock building once home to the famous Cabin Club, announced earlier this week that it will be hosting its final Saturday night.

It would be great to give Jimmy’s Liverpool the send off it deserves so if you’re in the area please pop in for a pint and a farewell

In a statement released on its Facebook page, the bar explained that while it enjoyed a busy six months on opening in August 2019, managers have done 'everything possible' since the pandemic and economic downturn to keep its head above water. 

It said: "It is with our deepest regret to say that despite our best efforts, we must announce the imminent closure of Jimmy’s Liverpool.

"Our last day of trading will be next weekend on Saturday 30th September.

2023 09 27 Jimmys Liverpool Closes Interior
Inside Jimmy's back in 2021 Image: Confidentials

"We had an incredible first 6 months when we launched the venue in August 2019 just before COVID, but it’s been an uphill battle since then to keep things going amongst everything that has been happening in the world and particularly the hospitality sector.

"The Directors and the staff have done everything possible with various initiatives and events to keep things going but we have been working against post-COVID conditions and a major downturn in the economy which has become increasingly worse as time has gone by.

"We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported Jimmy’s in Liverpool and been a part of the journey.

"It would be great to give Jimmy’s Liverpool the send off it deserves so if you’re in the area please pop in for a pint and a farewell, see a gig, grab a burger and enjoy it one final time.

"This news does not affect our long established Manchester business which will be open as usual.."

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