IT'S the poster that make you glad you gave up chocolate for Lent.

No, it's not the latest entry on the darkly excellent Scarfolk blog, which reminds everyone of how grim up north life was in the 1970s - but how can you really tell the difference? 

Gracing bus-stops across the Wirral, it comes from Wirral Partnership Housing which is urging people to pick up their dog muck - everyone except children, that is, who will definitely eat it and die.

"Children will put anything in their mouths," it insists. Except any green vegetable, any parent could have told Tristram at the advertising agency.

The message is ‘Bag it, tie it...," and, as they almost sang in Joseph and His Amazing Coat, "...any bin will do".

Thanks for this to Mike McGuigan of Wirral's Brimstage Brewery, a man who creates a far more palatable sort of scoop than the one being written about here.

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Dog Poster Wirral