It's the first UK franchise opening for the group

Love to love you, baby. It's going to be a doner summer for kebab-lovers in Liverpool as I Am Döner has signed a multi-site franchise deal to bring the brand to Merseyside. 

We just had to bring this brand to the North West of England.

The partnership with Optimum Group - who currently operate 25 Costa Coffee stores throughout Merseyside and the North West of England, together with 3 Kaspa's stores in Liverpool, Smithdown and St Helens - will see the first UK franchise opening for the brand, with the new site due to open this summer in Bootle.

I Am Doner Liverpool Bootle Berlin Kebabs Pr
The global brand started out in Leeds Image: PR

Dave Connor, CEO Optimum Group said; “We just had to bring this brand to the North West of England. This new addition will be a great fit in our brand portfolio of coffee shops and dessert businesses. We will be opening two I am Döner outlets within the first year and at least ten within five years. We are proud to be the first UK franchise partner.”

James Hacon, chairman for I am Döner, said “We are excited to start our UK roll out with the team at Optimum Group, who have both the experience and vision to make this a massive success. 

"This is the culmination of three years’ hard work from the I am Döner team where we have strengthened leadership and focused on taking a fantastic concept and making it run like a systemised well-oiled machine."

I Am Doner Liverpool Bootle Berlin Kebabs Stanley Road
The Bootle branch on Stanley Road will open this summer Image: PR

I Am Döner was started in 2016 by chef Paul Baron who opened a takeaway shop in Headingley inspired by a trip he had to Berlin. He wanted to make the döner kebab more than a guilty pleasure for the intoxicated. They now have three stores in the UK – Headingley, Harrogate and Leeds city centre.

The brand says it uses a total of 120 ingredients in the six kebabs on offer, with ten items of salad, feta cheese, homemade bread, homemade sauces and quality meats. Apparently this attracts a good bunch of sober people and they have a very strong lunchtime offering as well as the evening trade.

In 2021, I am Döner signed a multi-site franchise deal to take the brand to the UA, opening in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis. 

A new opening is also planned for the Isle of Man this year. 

I am Döner, 213 Stanley Rd, Bootle L20 3DY (Opening date TBC)

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