New Baltic Triangle quiz night takes off this autumn

HOME to Bongo’s Bingo, Abba Versus Chic nights et al, voluminous Baltic Triangle bar-come-club Camp and Furnace is launching an exciting new holiday-themed interactive quiz party. Flight Nite takes off on Friday 1 November, with pre-sales available from 8am this Thursday.

Dream destinations already lined up include Dubai, Marrakesh and New York

Subtitled The Insane Plane Game, tickets are £7 each and the launch night will see various top-flight prizes up for grabs in each round: a European city break, an island beach getaways and a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two to Las Vegas. Future dream destinations already lined up include Dubai, Marrakesh and New York.  

Flight Nite features four rounds of travel-themed games and quizzes across four rounds, with party-goers using their smartphones to answer multiple-choice questions, and challenges including sing-along sections with spectacular live performers, video and ‘fastest finger first’.

2019 09 17 Camp Furnace Flightnite
Pre-flight checks in progress for Flight Nite at Camp and Furnace

As part of the event, Camp and Furnace will be transformed into a holiday haven, with Captain and Crew hosts and dancers, holiday props and Duty Free gifts, and drinks served from trolleys. 

Camp and Furnace managing director Paul Speed says: “We have been working on Flight Nite for a while now and we’re incredibly excited to finally be able to announce its launch.  

“With the summer now behind us, we want to keep people’s holiday excitement alive and we’re really looking forward to welcoming guests to Flight Nite, offering them the chance to jet off on their dream destinations for the price of just a £7 ticket. And for those who aren’t lucky enough to walk away with the prize on the night, we can still guarantee a party packed full of holiday-themed fun, with lots of surprises in store.”