It’s the Italian restaurant’s most famous pasta dish, and with good reason…

You can’t turn your head when a plate of taglioni lobster goes sailing by in San Carlo. 

It is the legendary restaurant’s most famous and most popular pasta dish- and not just for its stunning good looks.

Not discovered it yet? Well here comes a treat.

Lobster, brandy, tomato, peas and a touch of sauce with chilli and garlic, overgenerous ribbons of pasta; all playing their parts to the hilt to deliver a rich and decadent performance.

For San Carlo is all about theatre, excitement, passion, which is why every trip is memorable.

A perfect seafood pasta dish needs a perfect partner and taglioni lobster finds its soulmate in Tenuta Rapitala, agrandcru chardonnay made from grapes grown in the high vineyards of Sicily, about 450 metres above sea level. The rich, fruity flavour has notes of honeydew melon and tropical fruits, oak ageing adding just a whisper of vanilla.

At the heart and soul of San Carlo is the most comprehensive seafood menu in the city, sourcing produce every day from these shores and beyond and displayed over ice for all to see. 

Scallops, oysters, clams, mussels, prawns, squid and octopus in an extensive range of dishes that  take inspiration from the finest Italy can offer. Dishes served to you in imaginative ways by a dedicated and perfectionist team of chefs.

Taglioni lobster, £23.50.Come on, dive in.

San Carlo, 41 Castle Street, Liverpool. L2 9HS.  0151 236 0073. 

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