Harley Young feels nourished after a visit to the Old Hall Street spot

What: Pomegranate

Where: 4 Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9RQ

Food/ Drink type: Healthy wraps, sandwiches, smoothies and juices

When: Monday to Friday 7am - 5pm, Saturday to Sunday 9am - 5pm

Independent or chain: Independent

2024 05 16 Pomegranate Outside
Outside Pomegranate Image: Confidentials


Heading into Pomegranate you’re met with bright neon signs, leafy wallpaper and reams of foliage surrounding a wooden clad juice bar. There’s a stack of bananas and coconuts piled high on a shelf in the corner, listening to the faint whirring sound of their brothers and sisters being blended into smoothies and juices all in the name of health. 

My body was craving nourishment and just breathing in the smells inside Pomegranate was enough to inject some life into me on a gloomy Monday morning.

We found a table, grabbed a menu and got to browsing.

2024 05 16 Pomegranate Inside 1
Inside Pomegranate Image: Confidentials
2024 05 16 Pomegranate Inside 2
Inside Pomegranate Image: Confidentials
2024 05 16 Pomegranate Inside 3
Inside Pomegranate Image: Confidentials
2024 05 16 Pomegranate Inside 4
Inside Pomegranate Image: Confidentials

The Main Event

Keen to get the vitamins in, I ordered the ‘Zinger’ (£7); a 16oz juice filled with superfoods including apples, carrots, ginger, lemon and lime plus a drizzle of agave for added sweetness. The bright orange drink both looked and tasted healthy, but not in that ‘gulp it down as quick as you can while holding your nose’ type of way. I actually enjoyed savouring it and could feel my dehydrated organs booting back up with each mouthful. 

To go with my Zinger, I chose a spicy tuna superfood sandwich (£7); fresh tomatoes, tuna, lettuce, cucumber and chipotle aioli. Not very spicy, but very fresh and full of flavour so I didn’t mind too much about there being no kick. The panini bread it was served on was fluffy and lightly toasted - it felt like a much healthier alternative to a tuna melt which I’d usually grab from somewhere like Greggs when I’m in a rush. 

2024 05 16 Pomegranate Thumbnail
The Zinger and a spicy tuna superfood sandwich Image: Confidentials

Alanya got the ‘Tropical Twist’ juice (£7) with orange, pineapple, lemon, apple and agave. Pale yellow in colour, this drink looked a lot like a pina colada (which might be useful to know if you’re trying to trick your brain into making healthier food and drink choices). 

She chose the chicken caesar superfood sandwich to munch on; grilled chicken breast, baby gem lettuce, a healthier caesar dressing and a hemp crouton pot on the side. A few little slithers of parmesan cheese in there for good measure and this sarnie was good to go. Well presented, this went down a treat for Alanya and paired nicely with her juice of choice. 

2024 05 16 Pomegranate Caesar
The Tropical Twist and a caesar superfood sandwich Image: Confidentials

Judgement Day

Pomegranate has a nice selection of healthy and mindful dishes and drinks that don’t taste overly ‘green’, if that makes sense. You don’t feel like you’re missing out, there’s plenty of flavour going on and you won’t feel like you’re going to be starving half an hour later. 

As lunchtime options go, Pomegranate is on the more expensive side. But looking after your body is an investment, is it not? Plus, you’ll feel a lot less sluggish after a meal here than you would at your local McDonalds. 

As someone who's trying to get healthier and struggles to find a quick and easy midweek option whilst diving in and out of meetings, I’m glad there’s places like this to rely on. 

Pomegranate, 4 Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9RQ

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  • Food 7/10

    Zinger juice 6, spicy tuna 7, Tropical Twist juice 7, chicken caesar 7

  • Ambience 3/5

  • Service 4/5