Pamper your pooch with pupcakes, doggy beer and canine socials

It would probably be easier to count on one hand (or paw… urgh sorry, that was terrible) the amount of places that aren’t dog-friendly in Liverpool city centre and the surrounding areas these days. It seems we’re one big dog-lovin’ community that is quite happy to have four-legged customers taking up space in our bars, restaurants and food markets and we’re certainly not about to start any beef over it. 

So, rather than a straight-up edit of dog-friendly places in Liverpool city centre (of which there are many), let’s dig a little deeper to find out where pooches are more than welcome. Where your good girls and good boys are offered more than just a speck on the floor under the table as long as they’re quiet. Where all manner of canine cutie can get the royal treatment they truly deserve. Where pooches are must higher up in the pecking order than at your average establishment. 

2019 06 17 Brewdog Liverpool Dog


With a name like that, BrewDog couldn’t be anything but dog-friendly really could it? It’s a bit like that marketing stunt O’Neill’s did recently where they offered everyone called Neil a free pint. 

Speaking of pints, if you take your pooch along to BrewDog in Liverpool, they can have their pick from a selection of dog-suitable beers and treats. Wait for it though, that’s not all - if you want to celebrate your fur baby’s birthday in style, you can do it here at a pup birthday party complete with party hats and pupcakes. Five pound per hound and humans go free. What a time to be alive. I mean, dread to think what might be in the party bags the owners are blessed with after an afternoon of pupcakes and doggy beer but hey, us humans are only here to serve after all.  Anyway, BrewDog’s extensive repertoire of human craft beers, unique brews and epic burgers should be enough of a consolation prize for any poopy party bags on the way home. 

BrewDog LiverpoolManolis Yard, 8 Colquitt Street, L1 4DE

2019 06 17 Tusk Liverpool Dog

Tusk Baltic

These guys are a wholesome bunch. They serve up a mostly-vegan menu by the log burger in their cosy little nook in Northern Lights, which came to be after a life-altering trip to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Every bottle of table water comes with a suggested £1 donation (that surely only a douchebag wouldn’t cough up) which they then match and send to help support Elephant Hills. 

It’s not just our tusked friends that have stolen their massive hearts either. This lot love dogs and implore you to bring your pooches and fur babies along when you dine or drink there. They even host regular Sunday Doggy Socials and pup parties with treats, accessories, portraits and a complimentary tennis ball for all four-legged attendees. Now, that’s a guestlist you want to get on. While the ‘K9 compadres’ (I stole that one off Tusk’s Instagram) party, owners can enjoy a selection of hearty, colourful dishes from dirty loaded fries to superfood salads. 

Tusk Baltic, Cains Brewery Village, 5 Mann Street, L8 5AF 

2019 06 17 Love Lane Brewery Dog

Love Lane Brewery

Where else in the world can you visit a renovated rubber factory, which has been transformed into an 18,000 hectolitre brewery capable of producing over three million pints and take your pooch along too? Surely only in the popular Love Lane Brewery which celebrates the city’s rich history in brewing and boasts an impressive collection of beers and gins all under one roof. 

As the name gives away, this place is also home to one of the city’s most popular beers, Love Lane and while you’re sipping away from your Love Lane-branded pint glass, your canine companion can be staying hydrated from their very own Love Lane water bowl. So, it’s safe to say these guys are high up there in the most dog-friendly ranks and more than happy for you to take your four-legged friend along for a biscuit and an ear rub. In fact, a reliable source confirms that they would be truly disappointed if you didn’t. 

Love Lane Brewery62 Bridgewater Street, L1 0AY

2019 06 17 Baltic Market Dogs

The Baltic Market

The Baltic Market has become a hotspot for locals and tourists alike and arguably the driving force behind the rejuvenation of the historic Cains Brewery Village. Famed for its live music nights, independent vendors, cocktail bar and its growing procession of four-legged regulars. The Baltic Market is the ideal place to take a pooch who doesn’t mind being at the centre of activity and of course, centre of attention. 

These guys even brand themselves as ‘Super dog friendly’ on their Facebook page and we all know it’s serious when things go Facebook-official. Not only are dogs welcome at the Baltic Market, it’s also one of their greatest shots at making the social media big time. The late internet icon, Grumpy Cat amassed nearly 3 million followers in his short but sweet life (God rest his soul) and your butt-sniffin’ baby could be in for a taste of that glamorous Influencer life should they find themselves on the Baltic Market hall of Insta fame. Watch out Kim Kardashian, there could be a new bitch with great hair and an overzealous tongue in town.  

Baltic Market107 Stanhope Street, L8 5RE

2019 06 17 Dead Crafty Beer Company Dog

The Dead Crafty Beer Company

Okay, we’re starting to spot a common theme here… we have a hunch that people who like beer also have one heck of a soft spot for our canine counterparts. Last but by no means least are the Dead Crafty lot who even have their very own mascot going by the (adorable) name of Dolly. 

Those visitors of the human kind who frequent this popular craft beer bar for its incredible selection of global brews are also very, very welcome to bring their pooches along for the ride. They’ll be well catered for in the cool-and-casual surroundings with water bowls, biscuits and a supply of poo bags to boot. It only takes a quick Google search of the The Dead Crafty Beer Company to find yourself lost in a thread of regulars who have bonded over boozing’ with their furry-faced buddies here. Don’t miss out for a minute longer.  

Dead Crafty Beer Company, 92 Dale Street, L2 5TF