Bookings for Paul Askew's new place at Duke Street Market are now open

TALK about rocking the boat. We were jollier than Captain Jack Sparrow on International Rum Day when we heard the news that Barnacle was going to be opening in Liverpool's Duke Street Market.

It’s a snapshot of some of the wonderful produce that’s within a 25-mile radius of here

Helmed by The Art School’s Paul Askew, Bone and Block’s Harry Marquart and local kitchen stars Kieran Gill and Jake Lewis, Barnacle will tell the story of Liverpool’s food and drink provenance.

Barnacle Liverpool Duke Street Market Liverpool Paul Askew Ormskirk Hispi Smithys Mushrooms Bulgar Wheat Shallots
Ormskirk hispi Image: Bacon on the beech

Set in the beautiful mezzanine at Duke Street Market, the restaurant will feature modern dishes drawn from the locality’s producers, farmers and artisans to ingredients linked to the port’s bustling trade over the decades. 

A first look at the launch menu has got us hooked, line and sinker. Starters include Knowsley game terrine, Old Spot pork belly and New Liverpool seafood chowder. 

Main courses feature Cumbrian ox cheek; Whitchurch free range chicken with Wirral ricotta dumplings and Ormskirk leek and kale; and Mr Ward’s Peterhead hake with mussels, Swiss chard, seaweed and turnip.

Barnacle Liverpool Duke Street Market Liverpool Paul Askew Cumbrian Ox Cheek Mash Growing Fields Roscoff Onion Carrot Swede
Cumbrian ox cheek Image: Bacon on the beech

Veggies worry not, it’s all shipshape with the likes of Peter Jones’ winter squash, Mrs. Kirkham’s, granola, tarragon; and Ormskirk hispi, Smithy’s mushrooms, bulgar wheat, shallots. Puds include Liverpool tart, Maghull carrot cake, and an intriguing “1000 layers” chocolate dessert. Two Courses cost £28.50 and three courses are £37.50.

“We are really proud of our opening menu,” says Paul Askew.

“It’s a snapshot of some of the wonderful produce that’s within a 25-mile radius of here, some of it is literally down the road. We use many of these suppliers for The Art School too so the philosophy overlaps with Barnacle, working with brilliant people who are doing amazing work in food and drink.

Paul Askew And Harry Marquart Barnacle Liverpool Art School Duke Street Market
Paul Askew and Harry Marquart Image: PR

“The region has got Edge and Sons, Leahurst Farm, Growing Fields, Wards Fish, Field to Fork and the Liverpool Cheese Company for starters, plus the distillery scene in the city region has exploded and we’ve got Brimstage and Neptune making these incredible beers. 

“A bit further out there’s the Rhug Estate which is fantastic too. We’re working with farms who don’t use any fertilizers and knowing exactly where the meat we serve has come from, the traceability of what comes into the kitchen and ends up on the plates is integral to our ethos.”

Barnacle Liverpool Duke Street Market Liverpool Paul Askew Edge And Sons Merguez Sausage Butchers Wife Black Pudding Growing Fields Shallots
Edge & Sons merguez sausages Image: Bacon on the beech

“Now we’re almost ready to open, the excitement is palpable,” says Harry Marquart.

“Duke Street Market is one of Liverpool’s best venues so having Barnacle in there we feel will be a great addition to what they are already doing.

"I’m very proud to be introducing two brilliant new young chefs too  - Sunil and Saul - who are now part of the team through the City of Liverpool College and are on The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Apprenticeship programme.”

Barnacle Liverpool Duke Street Market Liverpool Paul Askew Maghull Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Pecan V
Maghull carrot cake Image: Bacon on the beech

The bar will feature over 30 different gins with a focus on rums, ports and cognacs, a wondrous wine list and brilliant locally brewed beers.

Christmas Eve (£70 per person) and New Year’s Eve (£85 per person) feature special menus to help crown the festive climax of the year. Christmas features dishes from the opening menu and new plates including salt aged duck, sprouts, pecans, cabbage and ‘A Christmas down under’ pavlova. 

New Year’s Eve is a set menu with seven courses including Jerusalem artichoke, ketchup, hash brown, baby gem; Red Poll beef, langoustine, Growing Fields roscoff; and chocolate, Morton’s double cream, chestnut, Wirral raw milk butter. 

Barnacle Liverpool Duke Street Market Liverpool Paul Askew
Mr Ward's Peterhead hake Image: Bacon on the beech

Paul is Chef Patron and owner of The Art School and The Art School Cellars and is celebrating his 40th anniversary in the culinary world. He is one of the UK’s leading chefs and a passionate voice for the hospitality industry locally and nationally. 

Harry is a chef and restaurateur with sites across the city and Kieran and Jake are disciples of The Art School and Bone and Block.

Bookings open from 5pm Thursday 18 November for Wednesday 1 December onwards. Go to the Barnacle Liverpool website to book via ResDiary.

Barnacle, Duke Street Market, 46 Duke St, Liverpool, L1 5AS

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