Got those after Eurovision blues? Not to worry, this Eurovision gallery's got you covered

Now that the dust has settled, it's time to do a quick round up and share some pictures regarding one of the biggest events to ever touch on the shores of the Mersey, Eurovision 2023. 

With an estimated footfall of 1.748 MILLION over the past week, the city, docks and surrounding areas were a thriving hub of activity, celebrating everything from music to arts and culture and everything in between. 

Whilst the M&S Bank Arena played host to the live Eurovision shows, the rest of the city hosted events to go hand in hand, including the EuroFestival which saw some incredible collaborations between UK and Ukrainian artists to bring meaningful works of art to town, like the Soloveiko Songbirds and Luke Jerram's Floating earth. 

2023 05 18 What A Week To Be United By Music
Visitors and locals came out in droves to be united by music Confidentials

Other hot spots around the city included the Euro Village, a temporary space for Eurovision fans to come together and enjoy a variety of acts on a live stage, from Jedward to Conchita Wurst, as well as walking through the Discover Ukraine area where you could try Ukrainian dishes and learn of the history and connection the country has with music. 

Even bars, restaurants and venues jumped on the Eurovision hype, many offering live screenings, Eurovision themed food and drink, and even some Eurovision special club nights. 

Eager to find out what the city had to offer, I spent most of Eurovision week on my feet and basking in the glorious weather we were blessed with, except for the heavy rain we had on Thursday. I clocked in 122,340 steps and took more than 1000 photos and videos of the week, but don't worry dear reader, I've swindled them down to a select few for you to peruse in a lovely slideshow gallery or two below. 

2023 05 18 Eurovision Arena
The arena lit up in Ukrainian colours for the semi final rehearsal Confidentials

Art installations 

One of the most visited art installations from the Eurovision festivities were the 12 Soloveiko songbirds dotted around the city, all representing a different region within the Ukraine through music and their decorative patterns. The Soloveiko Songbird – nightingale in English – is the national bird of Ukraine and a symbol of song and happiness. 

Artists; Amigo and Amigo, Svitlana Reinish, Anton Dehtiarov, Black_Box, and M3 Industries, collaborated on the project to produce 12 illuminated Soloveiko sculptures and imaginative animations, allowing the viewer to watch the birds travel throughout Ukraine, showing the country's beauty, mythology and cities.

20230502 Crimea No 1 Soloveiko Songbird 20230502 Northwest Of Ukraine And Chernihiv No 2 And No 10 Soloveiko Songbirds 20230502 Odesa No 3 Soloveiko Songbird 20230502 Kharkiv No 4 Soloveiko Songbird 20230503 Kyiv No 5 Soloveiko Songbirds 20230502 Ukranian Carpathians No 6 Soloveiko Songbird Night 20230502 East Of Ukraine No 7 Soloveiko Songbird 20230503 Central Ukraine No 8 Soloveiko Songbirds 20230503 Donetsk Region No 9 Soloveiko Songbirds 20230502 Lviv No 11 Soloveiko Songbird 20230503 South Of Ukraine No 12 Soloveiko Songbirds

Another fan favourite Eurovision art installation is Luke Jerram's floating earth over in the Albert Dock. The installation has been so popular it has extended its stay until May 21st. 

The floating globe is something to marvel during the day, but is even more magnificent in the dark of night, fully illuminated by an inner glow. 

20230515 Luke Jerram Floating Earth
Luke Jerram Floating Earth Confidentials

Semi-final one rehearsal - 8th May

As press, I was lucky enough to be able to attend rehearsals of all three live shows, a rare experience to witness such a huge production here in the city.

The first semi-final saw 15 countries take to the stage including Norway, Malta, as well as fan favourites Sweden and Finland. 

And what a show it was, the production was beyond a level I have ever seen at any other concert, with incredible set builds and lighting, to the video introductions which showed a specific monument in Ukraine, Liverpool and then a similar monument in the home country of each act. 

The first semi-final also treated audiences to a performance between Ukrainian artist Alyosha and Liverpool legend Rebecca Ferguson with the pair using mixed media to create a beautiful moment of unity, love and hope. 

There was also an interval medley act from Rita Ora.

20230508 Back Of Arena Eurovision 2023
Eurovision layout at the M&S Bank Arena Confidentials
20230508 The Hardkiss Opening Performance Eurovision 2023
The Hardkiss perform MaЯk for the opening of Eurovision 2023 Confidentials
20230508 Together In Electric Dreams Opening Eurovision 2023
Together In Electric Dreams choreographed opening Confidentials
20230508 Malta Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Malta - The Busker sing Dance (Our Own Party) Confidentials
20230508 Serbia Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Serbia - Luke Black sings Samo Mi Se Spava Confidentials
20230508 Latvia Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Latvia - Sudden Lights sing Aijā Confidentials
20230508 Portugal Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Portugal - Mimicat sings Ai Coração Confidentials
20230508 Moldova Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Moldova - Pasha Parfeni sings Soarele şi Luna Confidentials
20230508 Sweden Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Sweden - Loreen sings Tattoo Confidentials
20230508 Azerbaijan Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Azerbaijan - TuralTuranX sing Tell Me More Confidentials
20230508 Czechia Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Czechia - Vesna sing My Sister's Crown Confidentials
20230508 Netherlands Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Netherlands - Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper sing Burning Daylight Confidentials
20230508 Finland Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Finland - Käärijä sings Cha Cha Cha Confidentials
20230508 Alyosha And Rebecca Ferguson Sf1 Eurovision 2023
Ukranian singer Alyosha, and Liverpudlian, Rebecca Ferguson, sing a cover of Duran Duran's Ordinary World Confidentials
20230508 Rita Ora Eurovision 2023
Rita Ora performs a medley of her most popular songs Confidentials

First semi-final at the Euro Village - 9th May

The Euro Village was a hub of activity the entire week from live shows on the stage to drawing in the crowds for the live screenings. The atmosphere during the first semi-final live screening was incredible, every visitor and local had truly embraced the Eurovision spirit, cheering and singing along to every act. 

20230509 First Night At The Village For The Live Semi Final 20230509 Different Angle Of Live Semi Final Crowd At Village 20230509 Everyone Sat Down For The First Semi Final 20230509 Crowd Gathered For Semi Finals 20230509 Arena And Wheel Lit Up For The First Live Semi Final Night

With visitors and tourists flocking to the city in droves, it was no surprise we spotted several people in some glorious garments fit for the occasion. Some particular favourites included a woman dressed as a postbox with Sam Ryder on the front, to costume tributes for this year's Finnish entry Käärijä and 2007's Ukrainian entry, Verka Serduchka.  

20230513 Eurovision Fit 15 20230513 Eurovision Fit 13 20230513 Eurovision Fit 20 20230513 Eurovision Fit 21 20230513 Eurovision Fit 19 20230513 Eurovision Fit 17 20230513 Eurovision Fit 18 20230513 Eurovision Fit 16 20230513 Eurovision Fit 14 20230511 Eurovision Fit 11 20230511 Eurovision Fit 12 20230511 Eurovision Fit 10 20230509 Eurovision Fit 8 20230510 Eurovision Fit 9 20230509 Eurovision Fit 7 20230509 Eurovision Fit 6 20230509 Eurovision Fit 4 20230509 Eurovision Fit 5 20230509 Eurovision Fit 3 20230509 Eurovision Fit 1 20230509 Eurovision Fit 2 20230517 Postbox Woman

Semi-final two rehearsal - 10th May

Much like the first semi-final, the second semi-final saw a separate 16 acts compete to get one of the coveted 10 places in the Grand Final. Countries including Denmark, Estonia and Belgium went to battle with their vocals, surrounded by amazing production value from their sets to their backing dancers. 

During the interval act, audiences were treated to a musical journey exploring the connection between generations of Ukrainian compositions from the past to the present by singers, Mariya Yaremchuk, and 14-year-old Ukrainian Eurovision Junior representative Zlata Dziunka, performing some of the most well known and beloved pieces of music from their home country. 

The second semi-final also hosted a larger than life drag performance which embraced the principle of Eurovision being a place for everyone, a place where people can 'be who they want to be'. 

After the rehearsal, I headed over to the Euro Village to catch Finland entry Käärijä performing his absolute bop, Cha Cha Cha

20230510 Georgia Sf2 Eurovision 2023
Georgia - Iru sings Echo Confidentials
20230510 San Marino Sf2 Eurovision 2023
San Marino - Pique Jacks sing Like an Animal Confidentials
20230510 Austria Sf2 Eurovision 2023
Austria - Teya and Salena sing Who the Hell is Edgar? Confidentials
20230510 Albania Sf2 Eurovision 2023
Albania - Albina & Familja Kelmendi sing Duje Confidentials
20230510 Lithuania Sf2 Eurovision 2023
Lithuania - Monika Linkyté Confidentials
20230510 Australia Sf2 Eurovision 2023
Australia - Voyager sing Promise Confidentials
20230510 Spain Sf2 Eurovision 2023
Spain - Blanca Paloma sings Eaea Confidentials
20230510 Ukraine Sf2 Eurovision 2023
Ukraine - TVORCHI sing Heart of Steel Confidentials
20230510 Mae Muller Uk Sf2 Eurovision 2023
United Kingdom - Mae Muller sings I Wrote a Song Confidentials
20230510 Mariya Yaremchuk And Zlata Dziunka Sf2 Interval Act Eurovision 2023
Mariya Yaremchuk And Zlata Dziunka sing to explore the connection between generations of Ukrainian compositions Confidentials
20230510 Drag Interval Act Sf2 Eurovision 2023 20230510 Drag With Lgbtq Colours Act For Sf2 Interval Eurovision 2023 20230510 Be Who You Wanna Be Sf2 Interval Act Eurovision 2023 20230510 Drag Act Sf2 Eurovision 2023

Sam Ryder surprise performance at the Albert Dock - 11th May 

Despite having several shows booked in around the city from the Cavern Club to an interval performance at the Grand Final, last year's second place Eurovision contestant, Sam Ryder, still had time to put on a surprise singalong over at the Albert Dock for visitors and locals alike. 

Sam put on a truly wonderful show, encouraging the crowd to join in chorus for his song, Mountain

20230511 Sam Ryder Eurovision Pop Up 2023 20230511 Sam Ryder Surprise Performance At Albert Dock 20230511 Sam Ryder At The Albert Dock Eurovision 2023

Discover Ukraine 

Nestled in the confines of the Euro Village, Discover Ukraine was an area dedicated to small Ukrainian businesses, Ukrainian food and a walk through the history of Ukrainian music. 

With Liverpool Confidential being a rather food focused news site, I very well couldn't pass off trying a range of Ukrainian dishes whilst I was visiting. 

For £16, I bought the vereshchaka (Ukrainian style ribs) and the lviv syrnik (Ukrainian style cheesecake). The ribs were juicy and tender, falling off the bone easily, although it would have been nice to have a toothpick once I finished. The cheesecake was a massive portion for one person, with a layer of chocolate coating the top, and the rest a spongy block of cream cheese and sugar, regardless a solid attempt was made and I spent the rest of the day on a sugar high.

20230511 United By Food
The village had an area dedicated to the Ukraine including a food vendor Confidentials
20230511 Discover Ukraine Food
Ukrainian food menu Confidentials
20230511 Ukrainian Dumplings
Cheese and onion varenyky Confidentials
20230511 Ukrainian Style Ribs
Vereshchaka Confidentials
20230511 More Ukranian Food Items
Palianytsia and cheburek Confidentials
20230511 Ukrainian Style Cheesecake
Lviv syrnik Confidentials

Second semi-final live screening at the Euro Village - 11th May

Just as the first live screening did, the second semi-final screening brought forth huge energy from the crowd gathered, even if it was a rainy afternoon. Acts performing at the village that day included Liverpool local, Ali Horn, Serbian act Luke Black, and Jamala with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. 

20230511 Jamala With The Bbc Philharmonic Orchestra Eurovision
Jamala performs with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra Confidentials
20230511 Village Crowd For Second Live Semi Final
The turnout for the second semi-final live screening Confidentials
20230511 Eurovision In Full Swing With Estonia Taking To The Stage
The second semi-final screening in full swing over at the village Confidentials
20230511 Liver Building View
Sunset over the village Confidentials

Grand Final rehearsal - 12th May 

With 37 acts cut down to 26 after an excellent battle of the best voices and dance moves, the Grand Final rehearsal saw all performers belting out their heart and soul, practicing to gain the top spot that would not only earn them a trophy, but would allow for their home country to host the song contest next year. 

With the Grand Final set to be the biggest event of the three shows so far, the interval and opening acts were as colourful as they were loud. Opening the show were last year's winners, Kalush Orchestra, with a variety of performances from other Ukrainian acts such as Verka Serduchka, leading onto the flag parade. 

Coming in second place last year, Sam Ryder took to the stage during the interval spot to sing his song Mountain. Following on from Sam's performance was the Liverpool songbook, that saw six iconic Eurovision acts return to the stage including Iceland's Daði Freyr singing a cover of Atomic Kitten, Whole Again. 

20230512 Kalush Orchestra Eurovision 2023
Kalush Orchestra Confidentials
20230512 Eurovision 2023 Presenters
The Eurovision 2023 presenters L-R: Alesha Dixon; Julia Sanina; Hannah Waddingham; Graham Norton Confidentials
20230512 Mimi Cat Portugal
Portugal - Mimi Cat Confidentials
20230512 Poland Eurovision 2023
Poland - Blanka Confidentials
20230512 Serbia Eurovision 2023
Serbia - Luke Black Confidentials
20230512 France Eurovision 2023 2
France - La Zarra Confidentials
20230512 Andrew Lambrou Cyprus
Cyprus - Andrew Lambrou Confidentials
20230512 Spains Eurovision Set Up
Spain - Blanca Paloma Confidentials
20230512 Finland Human Centipede Eurovision 2023
Finland - Käärijä Confidentials
20230512 Czechia Eurovision Grand Final
Czechia -Vesna Confidentials
20230512 Belgium Gustaph
Belgium - Gustaph Confidentials
20230512 Armenia Eurovision 2023
Armenia - Brunette Confidentials
20230512 Moldova Eurovision 2023
Moldova - Pasha Parfeni Confidentials
20230512 Tvorchi 2023
Ukraine - Tvorchi Confidentials
20230512 Norway Eurovision 2023
Norway - Alessandra Confidentials
20230512 Germany 2023
Germany - Lord of the Lost Confidentials
20230512 Israel Eurovision 2023
Israel - Noa Kirel Confidentials
20230512 Croatia Eurovision 2K23
Croatia - Let 3 Confidentials
20230512 Uk Mae Muller Eurovision 23
United Kingdom - Mae Muller Confidentials
20230512 Kalush Orchestra
Kalush Orchestra Confidentials
20230512 Austria Who The Hell Is Edgar
Austria - Teya and Salena Confidentials
20230512 Luke Black Serbia
Serbia - Luke Black Confidentials
20230512 France Eurovision 2023
France - La Zarra Confidentials
20230512 Andrew Lambrou Cyprus Eurovision
Cyprus - Andrew Lambrou Confidentials
20230512  Spain Eurovision 2023 Set
Spain - Blanca Paloma Confidentials
20230512 Sweden Loreen Eurovision 2023
Sweden - Loreen Confidentials
20230512 Albania Family Eurovision
Albania - Albina and Familja Kelmendi Confidentials
20230512 Italy Eurovision 2023
Italy - Marco Mengoni Confidentials
20230512 Estonia In The Final Eurovision 2023
Estonia - Alika Confidentials
20230512 Finland Grand Final Eurovision 2023
Finland - Käärijä Confidentials
20230512 Czechia Grand Final Eurovision 2023
Czechia - Vesna Confidentials
20230512 Voyager Eurovision 2023
Australia - Voyager Confidentials
20230512 Ukraine Eurovision 2023
Ukraine - Tvorchi Confidentials
20230512 Slovenia Joker Out
Slovenia - Joker Out Confidentials
20230512 Croatia Eurovision 2023 Gf
Croatia - Let 3 Confidentials

Grand Final event at the Euro Village - 13th May 

With the Grand Final screening event being ticketed for over 18s only at the Euro Village, the energy was vibrant and maybe a little bit drunk in the 17 degree heat. Gates opened at 2pm with live performances running till the live screening at 8pm, guest appearances included Brooke, Jedward, The Vengaboys, Claire Richards from Steps and 1967 Eurovision winner Sandie Shaw.  

20230513 Jedward 3
Jedward Confidentials
20230513 Jedward At The Euro Village
Jedward Confidentials
20230513 Jedward 5
Jedward Confidentials
20230513 Jedward 4
Jedward Confidentials
20230513 Venga Boys At The Village
Vengaboys Confidentials
20230513 Venga Boys At The Euro Village
Vengaboys Confidentials
20230513 Vengaboys Landscape
Vengaboys Confidentials
20230513 Claire From Steps 3
Claire Richards - Steps Confidentials
20230513 Claire From Steps
Claire Richards - Steps Confidentials

As the Grand Final event began airing on the big screen, the crowd went wild in anticipation, as did I, in the hopes that our favourite acts (Finland in my case) would take home the win. Singing and dancing along to each act , the celebrations and event went on till late in the night, with the last entry, UK, performing at 10pm. 

The interval acts were enjoyable, with one particular act, Netherlands Duncan Lawrence, belting out LFC anthem You'll Never Walk Alone, that had the Euro Village crowd in a frenzy of emotions, singing along, crying and cheering in unison. 

During the juror scores, the crowd held their breath in high hopes as Sweden jumped to first place earning over 340 points, with Israel, Italy, Finland and Estonia following consecutively in the top five. As the public vote was announced, the crowd chant of Cha Cha Cha began, with many of the public and gathered crowds hoping to give Finland the win due to Loreen winning back in 2012 with her song Euphoria. 

Despite the chants and hopes for Finland to win, Käärijä fell short of the top spot by 57 points to Sweden's 583.

20230513 Village On Grand Final Day 20230513 Grand Final Day In Village Ft Liver Building 20230513 Crowd Soaking Up The Sun 20230513 Grand Final Village Crowd 20230513 Show Underway For Grand Final 20230513 Crowd From The Stage 20230513 View Of Museum 20230513 Uk Flag Crowd 1 20230513 Uk Flag Crowd 2 20230513 Crowd Watching Italy 20230513 United By Music
20230513 Brooke At The Eurovision Village
Brooke Confidentials
20230513 Jedward 2
Jedward Confidentials
20230513 Jedward At The Village For The Grand Final
Jedward Confidentials
20230513 Venga Boys
Vengaboys Confidentials
20230513 Claire From Steps
Claire Richards - Steps Confidentials

With the crowd trundling out of the village after Loreen's win, which will see the song contest in Sweden for Abba's 50th anniversary, and a further live rendition of her song Tattoo, the village closed with some amazing fireworks blasted above the Euro Village stage and Cunard Building. 

20230513 Fireworks Over The Cunard Building
Fireworks over the Cunard building Confidentials
20230513 Ukrainian Themed Fireworks
Fireworks in Ukraine colours Confidentials
20230513 Village Fireworks
Fireworks over the Euro Village stage Confidentials

Before Eurovision came to Liverpool, I had never given it much thought and was rather disinterested at it's yearly showing on the BBC. However, I must admit that being in the thralls of everything happening in and around the city has had me converted, douze points to Liverpool!

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