Andy Mallins' remarkable pictures of the night time city

Drone technology has allowed us to get above and beyond and see the world in a different way. There can be a negative to this when drones are used as weapons as is the case with the Ukrainian war.

Or, drones can be used as an inspiration. 

Andy Mallins, a Wigan based drone aviator, is inspiring this region through the magic drones can reveal. His images of the North West, its towns and cities are things of beauty. Most of his images are at night which adds power and magic. 

These Liverpool images are simply jaw-dropping revealing the drama of city, its waterside location and its splendid and dignified architecture to wonderful effect.

It's as if the famous Liverpool liver birds have taken wing and we're seeing the city through their eyes.

Night photography is more challenging than daylight

We interviewed Andy earlier in the year. He told Confidentials:

"My fascination with photography started over ten years ago when I got my first iPhone and setup my Instagram account, at some point in that Instagram journey, and from all the feedback and likes I received, I realised I had a natural eye for taking landscape shots and purchased a mirrorless camera.

"Whilst I loved taking ground shots I was also being heavily influenced with aerial images of the North West that others had been posting so decided to jump straight in and in 2019 I got my first drone. 

"Throughout lockdown I studied aerial photography and various drone techniques in order to get the best results from my purchase. At the same time, I also started Andy Mallins Photography and got my Civil Aviation Authority accreditations."

Liverpool Waterfront Aerial 03
View north over the Museum of Liverpool Life to the Pier Head and beyond Image: Andy Mallins

Andy continues:

"In late 2021 after all restrictions had been lifted, I decided to get out and about and shoot some of the locations I had seen others posting, but in light conditions, and whilst I loved the results, I felt something was missing. That all changed when I invested in another drone but this time a lot lighter, it meant I could fly in and around cities safely (where permitted) and that's where I started to experiment with night photography and haven't looked back since. 

"Of course, night photography is more challenging than daylight, so the camera settings need to be right to capture the light and the detail, without it being too noisy, or over/under exposed. Once I get the shots its back home for light editing in Lightroom before publishing on social media."

That hard work has paid off, his photography has taken off and the North West looks all the better for it.  

You can view (and purchase) Andy's beautiful, dramatic and impressive photographs via his websiteThe photos on this page are a small selection of his Liverpool pictures so it's worth clicking the link. 

Hom Wbgnz
St George's Hall Image: Andy Mallins
5 Uu6 Yma
Port of Liverpool Building Image: Andy Mallins
Xd3 B4Equ
Albert Dock Image: Andy Mallins
Oolhzd Rz
Prince's Dock Image: Andy Mallins

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