Signed eight-footer pops up at Cunard Building

IT'S heavy metal, but not as we know it.

A larger than life representation of Guns n Roses axeman Slash, made from scrapped car and bike parts, is coming to Liverpool this weekend.

Slash has been hailed as one of the greatest guitar players of all time, it says here, and now he is has been immortalised in a 8ft high sculpture which took 12 whole days to make.  

Heavy Metal Sculptures are the craftsmen responsible for the giant piece, which Slash has scrawled his name on.

If that wasn't enough excitement, the sculpture also showcases a Slash signature Gibson guitar.

HMS was founded by concept designer and artist, Simon Weitzman with welder and finisher, Darren Kenny. The duo recycle scrapped car, bike and musical instrument parts to create large scale sculptural installations of rock stars.

The sculpture appeared at the British Music Awards last year and has just completed a residency at St Pancras where it was the subject of over 60,000 selfies.

Said Simon Weitzman, HMS designer and artist, said: "As Slash is originally a British lad it is fitting that his sculpture would come to the home of music (Liverpool) and be situated at such a prestigious venue. We hope lots of people enjoy the sculpture and get their picture taken with it.’’

Metal Slash will be in Liverpool for a limited time only, say organisers, but no further specifics were given.