Treats from award-winning Childwall bakery, Artisane, are on the menu

If you love the pastries from Artisane but cba trekking over to Childwall then we’ve got good news for you - the bakery has announced a new collab that’s bringing its tasty treats to the city centre.

Scribble is designed to celebrate our talented local food producers and Artisane is up there with the best.

Best known for its traditional French breads, pastries, pies, cakes and macarons, Artisane is set to bring some of its finest delights to the menu at MerseyMade as the venue reveals plans for a brand new café called Scribble.

Merseymade L R Sean Millar And Mersey Made Founder Vicky Gawith Welcome Walter And Anne Louise Bouffard Roupe From Artisane To Scribble
Sean Millar and Vicky Gawith with Walter and Anne-Louise Bouffard-Roupe from Artisane Image: PR

Scribble will replace the Gordon Smith Cafe and provide a relaxed and friendly setting for breakfast, a laid-back lunch or a catch up with family and friends. Boasting seating across two floors, Scribble will feature upcycled tables and chairs at ground level as well as comfortable sofas in the heart of the open plan artists’ studios on the second floor. 

A creative oasis in Liverpool city centre, MerseyMade features a shop, café, artists’ studios and an events space. Among the local creators in the studios at MerseyMade are mixed media illustrator, Jenny Dunlop; abstract artist, Jessica Slack; graphic designer, Sophie Green; nail artist, Kristen Dunlop; and textile artist, Alistair Mc Cready, with emerging artists regularly being invited to apply for studio space. 

2020 03 03 Artisane Rhubarb Pastry Liverpool
Rhubarb better believe it - pastries from Artisane Image: Confidentials

The kitchen at Scribble will be overseen by Sean Millar, who is renowned for acclaimed restaurants such as The Other Place, The Side Door and Pruno.  

Sean said: “In the same way MerseyMade champions the work of the region’s artists and creators, Scribble is designed to celebrate our talented local food producers and Artisane is up there with the best. I’ve known the team behind Artisane for many years and I’m absolutely thrilled to be featuring a selection of their locally made pastries, pies, quiches and breads on the menu at Scribble. 

“As well as daily specials from Artisane, the menu will also include comforting classics with a twist such as eggs benedict, served with ham hock, marinated in honey and mustard; and signature dishes including Scribble’s open sandwich, which combines homemade hashbrowns, streaky bacon and fried egg with smashed avocado, tomato and onion relish and toasted ciabatta. 

"MerseyMade is an incredible venue and I’m looking forward to working with founder, Vicky Gawith, and her team to create a café that will be a true reflection of the unique buzz and energy that runs through the place.”   

Merseymade Liverpool Cafe Art Shop Creative Gifts
MerseyMade is a creative hub in the city centre Image: Confidentials

Anne-Louise Bouffard-Roupe of Artisane, said: “We’re hugely supportive of MerseyMade’s mission to champion local independent businesses and this new collaboration is a perfect fit for Artisane, marking our return to Liverpool city centre.

“As a family run local business, we’re super excited about working with the team at MerseyMade as we bring a hand-picked selection of Artisane favourites to the menu at Scribble. It’s fantastic to be on board as Scribble starts to take shape and we’re very much looking forward to being a part of the new food and drink offering at such a fabulous creative space.” 

Scribble is set to open in October and will also bring extended opening hours to MerseyMade with the venue opening from 8.30am - 6pm from Monday - Wednesday; 8.30am - 10pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday; and 10am – 5pm on Sundays. 

MerseyMade, 98 Paradise St, Liverpool L1 3HJ

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